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terror 75
supports "just a disappointed,"
remember general
written (pretending) ed))
language existent
"yet, it's well known,"
crash lack
subsequent perfect 'xample
zero touch letters emptied
left over poured out (kneel down)
supported "shedding skin,
backwards" through end
to again rehearse "it's" young
manners could unused
(ing) "only a
color, yet" clings
to the curb broken
concrete filler "this platform
says it"
disappoint (ed)
"two openings" verbs "yet,
nothing" forgotten
picking stops not
couples (three's) writing
surface couldn't grow
"when doubled it just"
both shed (both
shed) ordinary impassable
upright waving "yes,
it just breaks down"
confluence "abstract
bottles of beer" brown bags
'creteness compose(d)
less filler "thematic
or linguistic,
judging" splashed with
mud left triangle right
once "insert with letters
there," supporting

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 74
belong reflect tumultuous
heaving up sides
over over riding
front tire
left "guided light"
cigarette (tips of
words) slow stand
up hand wall focus
"somewhere there I
was supposed" spontaneous
bludgeon pheno' displaced
puts between argument
an identity heaving
again (up)
"you've drawn the disease
from death" up
against bobbing water
back leaning fender implicit
"as parts" as 
(an) each one
with generally "whether
connection" refrain
correlative position
nail tack'd to
"and, don’t talk to me like
that" lyric'ness
(from ) somewhere (above) belt shoes
other'ther's "isn't coherence"
surrounding determine "however"
identification "yeah,
you can 'can it'"
(push 1950) fixed
constrict (tion)
explosion (into a sling)
grenades pens
ballpoint fragment claim'd
"under a generic tradition"
broken open 'tern
alternative (to sentences)

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 73
"that's, an arm

stretched out" head pit

blood pooled whistling

gas tire

leak (leaking)

project 'culty 'sitate come

"maybe a partial

fall" stumble (of a)

question out right

tire roll surface'd

down grinding right

side teeth ((over))

"is it limit'd?"

stretch tongue

yawn (yawn'd) wide eye

serial visual/verbal

concerning moments (real) "say it!"

limited to


'there is an arm outstretched'

smaller feet (tucked)

worn heels wait

tucking into't small

foot tie

flexing cause

"versus a direction" that

guiding sluggish foot forward

matter'd breaking skin

"in two places, veins"

unrestrain(ing) mown

'regarding "did not upright, 'vocable"


(green) dumped hard basin (poetic)

lay glass "producing

an egg" small

(small) toes touch

discharged cutting diagonal esteem

(less) elbow knee

together light under

posted by harry k stammer

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Issue five of Otoliths
has just gone live, which means it's a year old today.

It's also May Day, so arise & join in a chorus of The Internationale with Paul Siegell, Andrew Topel, Jordan Stempleman, Ernesto Priego, Paolo Manalo, Eileen Tabios, Jeff Harrison, Katrinka Moore, Corey Mesler, Raymond Farr, Steve Rodgers, Robert Lee Brewer, Mark Cunningham, Martin Edmond, Steve Timm, James Sanders, Audacia Dangereyes, Thomas Fink, Spencer Selby, Maria Zajkowski, Richard Lopez, Marcia Arrieta, Tom Hibbard, Matina Stamatakis, Louise Landes Levi, Márton Koppány, Anny Ballardini, Jill Jones, Craig Santos Perez, mIEKAL aND, Dax Bayard-Murray, Ed Schenk, MTC Cronin, Alana Madison, Alexander Jorgensen, Andrew Taylor, Carol Novack (& Stan Crocker), Stephanie Green, Maurice Oliver, Caleb Puckett, David-Baptiste Chirot, Derek Motion, James Maughn, Michael Rothenberg, Tom Beckett, Nick Piombino & Richard Kostelanetz as they "change henceforth the old tradition".


posted by harry k stammer

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terror 72
"don't discover it!"
tongue out mouth
wider (open) spun eyes dominate
"not a trick of light around
the ears" nostrils
higher forehead (lock of
hair) from behind
forward 3's pigeon
"has this, however"
hawk's up
over flapping lighting
structure staring eyed
head back neck
"will it sit and,"
falcon down "look up?"
conspicuous (salient)
dragged out two streets to
main & () stigma
flavoring dried
disappearing head back
throat thrust out to
"eat slowly, one bite"
time re
appearing hand window
'pearing 2 pigeons
curves counter clockwise
scribbles middle
blue (ish) halo slightly
from the back

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 71
"touch down" runs faster corner'd round
black van wheels smoking (away)
from "that's wealth in a nutshell"
plump two wheels up Echo Park Sunset
'testinal sighted without windows 'destrian
above once run skidding gone
LAPD following (1,2,3,4,
5,6) lights "even now the sun"
rapidly sirens golden yellow
"that's just a provision" grocery
store bags vendors street (up) chopping
quick succession no restraint running with flowers
"that's just , ciao!" point stopped death
(an ending) weakness over hang
rusted bent (pipe glisten) grayed 'thargy
"let's go to dinner?" stop sign turns

posted by harry k stammer

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