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New Books from Otoliths
Mark Young has announced the first of what will be a
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Vernon Frazer: BODIED TONE
harry k stammer: tents

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terror 62
defined less
eradicate poison points
over/under line
"not a difference"
legs out blanket
stick one
shoe/sock knees
always together
"just fetal" under/over'd
(do) right belong
interior "make the
dough" curls
up together
not belief 'gation
nor absorbing
not (one or all)
positioned parts
"not you, bigger you"
implant'd source
are "but, but"
imbalance as kernal(s)
(of) pulled/drawn
(knees to chest)
less definition
toxin 'dicate
ever effect
really "isn't
this what you've
been talking about?"
trauma lining
no difference
"after it's,"
twins (and) set
shifts curtains
down shades eye "on,
over" affected
blood pool
(s) been

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terror 61
proved passing 
"the day just came up"
siren 4th Wilshire
over passed

110 (section)
"rather than distress"
fucking "crying hearts"

splashing around
trash (tents full)
a pain related to

"because at that"
'nomous first/second
language "huh?"
coincide begins

"not" represented as
must capable
(be) "because the second
ring goes

around again" extend
hips knee
standing death

dissolution searing
pain "jabs, in turn"
proving passed another
siren 7th through

Alvardo till once
another (terrible)
"back at a start"

can (pink)
face patter'd
"coming up, sun's"

arms over head
behind not look
roll tent opening

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 60
loosened condition
(no) description
"here inside a
(ing)" whether
once another
(habit) walking
with 'liction's view

there said
"it's not helping"
enclosed cutting
speak "say view,
speak" under
arrest'd 'porters
"you can't
help, forever"
(do do do)

shuts contain'd
"felt like you, not"
walk way consider
(da da da)
dereliction "get
context or common
sense" there
there exert'd
'ingle since
chambers (say chance)
doubt efficacy
point one
"there, there, there"

restricted enclosure
separated (one)
paths hemoglobin (esque)
'quinity "no one
has the time"
(do do do)

done work close

posted by harry k stammer

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