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terror 39

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 38
"truth" dead trees perspective "into the" passing

in charge "got a box
of dirty diapers" think(s) last left

over right buried leg built to

outside always open (ing) "I do care
what," that's two me's blind

"ok, and they" thing(s) first one

swings out sings out again messy
rooms stung (deltoid) left arms sight'd low

slung'less "not a vein, come

on" below arched foot pebble asphalt
turned over over stopped step stop

"isn't a truth, a" trees 3/4 up

branch over branch'd waving cotton
wind (wind) hair back comb dirty

left right over leg cotton blank

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 37
crow (s) one time engage (you) define

"take away, live in," some
happen (s) some (joy) 'rchic hole

'onomy under sink singing bark whistles

crow (up) two foot space crawl gas

line "it's blocking" trash corner
movement hand pulls (it) "characterize it,

model once and left" just that

'ragement worse better 'continuity forward child birth
to "still again, tonight" kept

waiting crowing (parody?) invited smelling roasting

pork principle closes 'herent (or) it's

last forty four minutes (last) "here, take
it and sing it" guess

different 'quently sees "torn apart" whistling

"cha, cha, cha" crow's lifted beak

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 36
saw blade stop saw blade stops face
exchange charge 'cipatory "just being

alone here doesn't," unwill (ing) where

set (up) table chair located (un)

pointing at the chair "it's the table
cleaned off for tomorrow" crying

"ah, ahhh, ah, ahhh" cough "NO!"

cough saw blade stop "ah, ahhhh,
ah, ahhh" take off the door screws

one time (at) measured need't

crows one'to'two "can't tell, can" blankets
torn up disposition "did, before, did"

blades start saw blades facing, 'ument

arrange immanence "come on, about
it included, about" sawing lifting such

cough "yes, it's" alone (liness) locate'd

posted by harry k stammer

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variation - Love Suicides a Parasol - Robert Chrysler
syllables falling embrace imaginary teeth
incantation the hair accustomed sight tanned the train
midnight spray signaling pearls left
ions passing ‘imating passions left jaw
‘hundred old orange lifting men stone
stroke muscled purple slabs molecules soar
supine below cusps singing love's draped humming grass
watches rays ’figure entwined figures one
floats pyramids water ’tras match nature's
calling rescued limbo bone ‘gainst bone spirit ‘gainst 
hollow curls laughter astral ‘quencies hand
sky keys her fierce ‘fection stillness her bodice
covering edges wound surrender moist mouths
cross painted sheets prayer

longs love glisten waves nothing prelude

appearance gusts wind divine equation ‘finitum
’tean thrust breathless gasp’d out flourish’d hanging
droplets chests love cyclone open hearts
dreamt shadowy’s blooming heat caress’ddd  
peyoetryhyt - Friday, October 27, 2006

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 35

posted by harry k stammer

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check out Episode 17 of THE COUNTDOWN on miporadio at miporadio

this is an ongoing series by Bob Marcacci and
features readings by various poets that he finds
searching through poetry blogs.

btw, they are offering more ways to listen...

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 34
de (eroticized) 'tion hand pushing up leaning
over "you here?" such division

fragmented sand handful entry odd door
opens(s) "hi, you want a blowjob?"

yesterday (times) compact (ed) 'osits

noiselessly 'ference 'tricate gets up
and looks around focused view (small)

rat out/in garage doors closing slam

shut (rat in/out) "how, then change the
streets?" attention boiling butane lighter

water/spoons practicality 'less "ends it" newer
former leaves over laid no pile

"the same" opposes 'ference 'oticized finger'd

up/around pushed "here, I am."
ending squared window (look) it's I/me

lowering elbow face down jacket reeks     

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 33
relation (ship) 'cularly 'version pulled since "all

of these" got stuccos 'penetration

halo(s) nearer wakes up head to

wall plastic ties (kinds of questions)

"gimme, gimme" written

two lines "my" so

that "self" text

(ual) 'volved

evidence 'eational

"might have" into palm

'citation spread

thumb rubbing

(fore) finger

brake screech back up note disappears then

enters into

opening the left

door "head up,

get it up!"

'ticularly there walls against't hands tied

back center given "it's another way into,"

what aim way wall broken

painted blue (baby) "go on 'champ,

do it" given its syntactic 'jectories

posted by harry k stammer

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Listenlight 04  is now live...

posted by harry k stammer

(2) Comments:
Nice to meet you! I've started my blog about Japanese culture arts. I appriciate if you link to my site since I would like many people to know Japanese culture. Thank you!
# posted by Blogger Samurai


looks like a must-read, Harry

recently discovered Jesse Crocket's work on Veneral Kittens
# posted by Blogger Robert


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terror 32

posted by harry k stammer

(1) Comments:
Hi Harry
This is interesting

# posted by Blogger crescent


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terror 31
"eating peanuts, drinking tequila"

nothing will 

bring (a) cat back (vertical to horizontal)

both (motorcycle & car) slide

frame nose minute up against dropped

fifty feet spread over 3 square

feet "the confidence," head neck shoulders twisted

back steadily light bulbs "not

checked or rechecked" doubled 'eption noting

receiving 'dentious "a gamble, I know"

flex'd passing verb(s)'al 'sual 'sical unexpect it

"why, it's never unexpected" themselves

dead fly five minutes suggest review(non)

peanut shells "approach fallacies, elements all


'cident (junkies) sky from a smaller

opening up's checking forehead (noting)

room opens doors into 'vation "doctor?"

posted by harry k stammer

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cinematic !
# posted by Blogger Neon


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terror 30

posted by harry k stammer

(2) Comments:
nice, harry!
# posted by Blogger mark young

a burner, Harry!
# posted by Blogger Robert


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terror 29
"in this world(s)" time all

having (periods) oscillations worked (vain) in
invisible clouds't all "is this the right

door?" intent (ly) "baby?" thigh trust

ankle bracelet (read) "quality" back

ward intricacies(s) elbow skin leaning against
"or any other works" exit'd before 3rd

palms up (back down) eyes up

chin up stairs red face

through black coats "this world is"
four people corner left turn car white

face watching (associative) "huh?" connects 'tirely

cost right door opening ankle

flash envelope 'llations barking (sub) loss
lost unless thigh knees "stay where you're

visible" face turns "barking, there it's"

posted by harry k stammer

(1) Comments:
Terror 29 -- Harry, Bob selected this piece for THE COUNTDOWN. Are you able to record it or should I ask Julie?

Thank you,
# posted by Blogger didi


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Issue three of Otoliths has just gone live at http://the-otolith.blogspot.com.

Like the previous two issues, there is a diverse mix of people & styles. Issue three
contains work by Ray Craig, Jordan Stempleman, Jeff Harrison, Andrew Topel, Corey
Mesler, John M. Bennett, Reed Altemus, Lars Palm, Jesse Crockett, rob mclennan, Pat
Nolan, Jenna Cardinale, Rochelle Ratner, Ian Finch, Paul Siegell, Thomas Fink & Tom
Beckett, Ay?egül Tözeren, Glenn Bach, T. Walden, Tom Hibbard, Raymond Farr, Aki
Salmela, Jill Jones, Nico Vassilakis, Kirsten Kaschock, Martin Edmond, Eileen Tabios,
Sheila Murphy, Rebeka Lembo, Jonathan Hayes, Jenny Allan, Geof Huth, Kevin Opstedal,
Adam Fieled, Derek Motion, Caleb Puckett, Scott Hartwich, harry k stammer & Serkan
I??n, & has a cover by Michael Rothenberg.

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 28 - variation -   yyyyyyyyyy lee - Mark Young

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 27
"arise and drop't" thumbnail little 

finger (stated) exactly opposite orange cones
lined (particular continuity) hand up fingers wiggling

"gimmegimmegimme" waving 'lizing over 'anating line

across the forefingers(s) "just, complement
combined'd controlled" (operari) intention(s) grasping hand

pole lights "come in" 'visage parallel "chances

are, you won't say it" green

plant shadow shadows tenderly 'present

reach out pole "gimme" take another
pole "dropped" hands pockets working finding orange

cones (lit) "give me" labored labor

knuckles (activity) blood to nose

wiping "you see, gimme gimme" language
allows independence followed wiggling wave "expect it

all" dropping't scratch grasp at 'lize

posted by harry k stammer

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