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terror 26
coded (you think) context (us about) not
"this warm foot" under two

socks "be no wire walls, then" notice

rigid (same time) explore left hand

reaching back careful around (nail scratch) obvious
'trinsic in where rubs 'tioning

volume "explore by" 'sorption opposed will

(that's) in 'standing appears "you see?"

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 25 - variation -  N docrine - Mark Young

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 24
nails "no, scenic, forget't" dances 9th

for low reflected Hill that (s) perfect

apprehend toes lightly 'tigo up/down

strained jump front hand waves finger (little)

"much very, taken that" to scratch out talkative

person many speaking me/I tug'a'war "none"

('ception different place 'easure form

rub't brick rubbing finger index) (for: )

brightness one

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 23
useless beginning "what's the personality?"
confusion living greatest during the door opens
proximity .0005 millimeter obstacle hand down
hands screen 'work nothing exposed inference
leg over left pulled in
toes stuck hooked wrapped paper hat firmly
attached "the personality?" real (useless) flat
out back sidewalk (passion) plus long
nails "you wouldn't wonder any
more," structure round'd pat & tie it's
negative (colder) falls balance linked
"slept ok last night" rats running full
speed (exteriors taken) "say?" car 
door opens step step step 'bility longer
nothing (camera view) criteria unsteady "or
again" pushed picked up out "what?"

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 22
"hey, sentences don't work that way"

smoke some wind machinery large wheels
bus chased dull hear level effect (of)

meaning step to to back

back over "unidentifiable'd blessing this, too"
stacking box property ruled grab (s)

variable quantity 'less using (mention) words (between)

by wording "take care, miles"
blowing water nose back head down

peeled ears filled (chance brings it

up) "fear in extremities" look (devil sits
outside) "thank you, sir" tether'd

working crane lifting outside condensing point

"skip it when, ends" secure serving sententious
(ly) "hey!" rising up trash full bin

(sniff't) feature smooth granite hands

posted by harry k stammer

(2) Comments:
yea Harry, this is a great verbal image with full color impact

# posted by Blogger Neon

it's all

smooth granite hands

cheers, harry
# posted by Blogger harry k stammer


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terror 21 - variation -    O pine - Mark Young
gamma ways

posted by harry k stammer

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terror 20
immense ("that failure") new give tape

between fingers "taped, index finger against
middle" stupidity somewhere blinking light stand (ing)

"spshsh;on spshsh;off" sneezing

three times "spshsh" 'ctity (time to) places

"I hear your name" returning (other

subjects?) orange sun (up) digging deep (er)
between (as between(bus loads)

fifth & wilshire) spshsh's orange light

points waving hands 'cularly "is it
bigger than you remember?" no remember rubs

now lined 'posed (speeshee) take

it little finger in boot heel

scratching blink two "spshsh" sixteen box

under waiting (waits) fourtimes 'fied since 'rived
immense'd finger taping no middles

posted by harry k stammer

(1) Comments:
Hi Harry,

Wonderful analysis breaking ideas into fragments - and always the city streets come into your work.

Simon aka Crescent
# posted by Blogger crescent


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