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at 5.

pass the "ants that cross
     arm" vision'd through prospero turns
misspelle'd "imperfection Caliban educate, this
     are" stopping in a sentence
questioned shoes tennis two words
     consumed no jumps reach hand
straighten eliminated pocket time that
     the pupil one has a
broken back dolphin and vision
     out'd "reddens" mounted cloth pocket
left hand cleaning above "the
     these figures they had walked
in L.A walking." (not really,
     and you start) threats deliver
adjustments fly for more highly
     highly when on a wall
rare one another hour happened
     hand flight that recedes feet
left asphalt fall quiet impulse
     concrete dream't of whispering(s) pushes
shoulder square in

posted by harry k stammer

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these figures they had walked
in L.A walking." (not really,
and you start)

# posted by Blogger Dirt Editor


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at 5

     one another vision no wall
shimmering structuralized multiple rare
     face "what it happened"
above and pilgrim'd the
     dream to the land
where controlled in squares
     each (flow'd for low)
left control to fall
     crusade separated (jesus/cultural/politics) "what
is the signal, usurpation"
     when the flight paper
leaves written for low
     sounded the pocket left-hand
suspension below passage extremity
     covering (no threat here)
arms paper that read
     "the hierarchy to traffic
wait" anarchy low shoes

posted by harry k stammer

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at 4.

(a typographical error in
     the poem of CB's)
'tested journey' that I
     smell photo in the
humidity "cough" overcast record
     that bites below the
wadding that ventricle "F,
     s, h" that slides
the finger foot knocks
     down above touch H
(three times) rather long
     one flat short in
water chosen now above
     smooth long shorts 'legible
a left exhaust'd that
     diesel voices "oxygen" nothing
same brought two very
     shorts 3 for time where panel'd

posted by harry k stammer

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nice one, yeah.

chris murray
# posted by Blogger chris


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at 4

[asked for that the one
      room carries school photo the
half open way seems above
      three panels falls a flower
camellia (March) the edge reflects
      above against the right triangle
turned around] what the fall
      difference is left is ways
reply pair them hot dogs
      "window them touches" opinion H
it flight traces them seed
      bird outside this nothing flies
then the trucks garbage (above)
      more wide 5am stop/start walking
why photo that

posted by harry k stammer

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another great psychohallucinogenic blitz.
# posted by Blogger Dirt Editor


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at 3.

posted by harry k stammer

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Your petrochemical arms.
# posted by Blogger Dirt Editor


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at 3

the direct bottle

'ristic collected qualities

can open broken

written glass hand

notes (deposited in)

placed for side

meeting to edges

that additions brakes

(s) left lines

extracted below the

test standard flaw'd

H between't left/right

are not any

(no not new)

ly that surrounds

garbage shaped some

increasing cans center

distance to cans

article moments ideas

articles (it's agreed

everything) the arrival

agrees article(s) to

surround it are


posted by harry k stammer

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