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map d'depression

posted by harry k stammer

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Your blog is quite interesting. I live in L.A. too, maybe we can get together for a drink or something. My blog is refried ORACLE phone (oracularvaginatakesherplace.blogspot.com) but you'd probably be more into the kind of work on this collaborative blog (geniusnieces.blogspot.com) which I do with my friend.

I'm Stan Apps (stanbobapps@hotmail.com). Cheers!
# posted by Blogger sra


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once limit (extending) s in fluenced J's toes numbed around 't taken "as practice" but removed 'fus ed real 'erned "which everit's" feet up and each

"ruled by one or another planet, this in weeks" spot anger eye lash (ing) calling other (shoesteps) "oh, just a notion?" 'concieved "if prepared, we do't"

left ear is bleeding again (ev en now) with "drama tells us something, natures relative baring barren" bared bared barrened a justalisten (ing) baring

limited only once't in 't "today" J's activity how about's "spending that time, it's" often lessly not "tic, tick" but tickless 'iencing 'gious ness

a time that limit (to extend) 's fluenced inside fingers foot J numbed in late 't done examination "as practical one" but removed 'fus ed real 'ern

ed "that feet ever, it" raise and each one "governed another one for one or planet, this whip eye anger point in weeks" (ing that shoesteps) "oh, calls other (, only one

notion" 'concieved "if prepar ed, us do't" left ear is bleeding another time (en ev now) with "dra ma says us that something, natures that relative whom

it discovers barren" disco vered barrened [justalisten] (ing) to only discover once't limit ed in activity as on "spending this time, is"

frequent lessly not "tic, tick" but ness gious 'iencing 'tickless J 't "today"

posted by harry k stammer

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row ing a way

posted by harry k stammer

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cracked plastic lookalike glass "it's one, one more time, it's one more" time despite the moving street by cars "on, on" splashed out wreck less ly staged danced and now gone

"bye, bye you" negative where so lid meet bare feet "meet me, out holding" my blanket's wet appearing 'lief tense (sions) undone (ing) leading paths moments "bye, you" by one you

of five forms inter (text'd) "oh, ok, you left out dropping over the edge horizon (inal) authoring" without expressing (something) o ver engineered building

heights "the barking, goes on" hand wipe at text (ual) newsprint "that's out side tonight" looking like broken glass "more than once" deliberate for mally rolled 'fusal's 'dis

glass that plastic cracked "is one, one more time lookalike, it is one more" time despite moving street for cars "on," in sneezed one for is ly danced staged destruc

tion more less now "good bye, good bye negative you" where thus uncover ed feet meeting cover "if find with me, for are to arrest" tense main moments undone appearing

wet "good bye passages mine blank et '(sions) (ing), you" for you five forms (text'd) "oh enter, approval, you left for leave fall on horizon edge (inal) that he is au

thor" without expressing (something) projected building to see heights "barking, go" in wipe hand in newsprint (ual) text "that side today to night" that looks broken glass more than "a

time" deliberated for dis 'fusal 'mally rolled

posted by harry k stammer

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posted by harry k stammer

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bouncing leg knee up from ankle bouncing knee leg over (its) "puncture vein'd bruise scattered paper & plate(s)'d scattering over" De cember's wheelchair access out

4 steps back along jacket pull ed over "bounce the knees, leg over" working wrong'd saying it's wrong [to: with in scraped skinned to day (not year or years) spring 'birds

of paradise' knees a bouncing "now a bouncing" leg over bloom'd J's reaching into/onto "that's fourteen cells versus clotting" uh? whether here or on 6th street

leg bouncing knee ankle up from (or_to_it) break in the veins layer (s) blood spreads out under't woundup spreading onto cups & plastic ware "isn't it December?" in

jumping knee foot above ankle that jumps foot knee on (its) paper "punc ture vein'd & plate(s)'d exhausted bruise that they exhaust over" ac cess wheelchair december's for

knees are 4 stages support to long traction ed covering on "bounce, o ver" foot wrong'd working that [:with in scraped one peeled to spring says it's wrong 'birds day (not year

or years) paradise knees one "now jumping one bouncing" foot bloom'd ex ceeding J's that reaches stacks into/onto "that's fourteen against clotting" uh? if or in street

foot that jumps ankle knee above rupture (or_to_it) in blood layer veins (s) spreads here for is woundup under't that it spreads in cups & ware plastic "isn't December?" in

posted by harry k stammer

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"spin'n round" record as Paris run loosely (ly) any body needs "that's fucking borrowed, mother fuck er, ya stole it, too, uh uh" field particles grass

one particular one shape 'ta ble walking cane it windy idea (s) eye'd blue/gray "sad lucky" moving step train blind pent/up 'mmer sparkle't yet't light sep

arating "no, but not now, and what chicken's cooking" pages pages of crapping wiped away imagine re-oth (er) inserting speech its idea 'spin't round't

rather than present gaining pass ing "that shape, borrowed" yak yak to fu grilling steamed 'cade form "after all, here our/your 'standing" alone dream't paris(ly) round run

round spin'n register in He len flabbily functions (ly) all bo dy needs asked for (fuck, fuck) "that's mother er, ya stole it, too much, uh" particles field a stick walk

ing form 'ta detail one it luck y wind "sad idea (s) eye'd blue/gray moving" curtain pent/up to 'mmer sparkle't clearly yet 't September train stage "no,

but not now, and that cooking" chick en 'spinning cleaned pages crapping moved away imagine re-oth better (er) introducing speech its idea 'spin't round't

that it presents gain form "that tick et, borrowed" yaks yaks fu 'cade cook ed grilling give form all "after, here our/your 'standing" round functioning paris(n) alone dream't

posted by harry k stammer

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posted by harry k stammer

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"that's what was done yesterday" tapping on the window (sigh) "sir, gotta cup'o soup, merry christmas, have a nice day, praise the lord, hare krishna, brother," cane (foot foot)

cane (footfoot) building lit from in side street level glass frosted can footfoot rest ed from Cesar Chavez Ave. from notion con scious "or" now lucid know foot cane being foot (foot

cane: newspaper slide) walker leg leg legleg "I don't know," what "on this corn er, backlighting" yellow clear noting across slowed legleg asleep 'mence to crossing 'tegral o

ver foot (canefoot) swing at one at another limb from limbs (scabbed o) ver "aimed at me, I" you'd know it amputee "then, outside the room doing days workin'"

"that's what he was yesterday" made beating in "sir window (sigh), started to soup of cup'o, christmas glad, it has one day pleasant, praises you, krishna hare, brother, "ba

ton (foot foot) building baton (foot foot) illuminated in frosted rested footfoot can level street lateral glass avenue Cesar Chavez "or" scious con notion

now lucid knows baton foot that is foot (foot baton: "I don't of leg leg foot foot walker sliding one period ical) knows," that "on this corner, backlighting" nota

tion clear yellow through legleg de layed 'mence asleep to 'tegral cross ing rocking foot" seeing (canefoot) in one in one another member mem bers (scabbed) seeing "aimed

in me, I" you'd knows that am putee "then, is room that makes days workin'"

posted by harry k stammer

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great poem, harry.
# posted by Blogger mark young


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"stage it!" one hand floating out face eyes [can't account for formal discur sive loss:] gray to gray ed "read, back to back to" 'inking it's all em otional "staged't" two

hands up float light jacket over two shirts under blue parka 'der't (that special one) continued around in and between "each one's ping, up" more agent than pro

duct head lice with scalp itch "my hair isn't new, my hair is you" strung behind an ear each strand [notice it material] re production "where, it" combed and back and fail

meaning any (thing one) more ques tioned over Temple bridge "or is it?" under neath now 'ural semi circu lar "and cut without sply ing today/'morrow return

it! "stage a hand that floats for is eyes face [can't clarifies loss sive discur formal:] gray to "read cinereous ed, back to support to" 'inking it's all 'otional "stage

d't" one in two hands above float co vering clearly on two shirts under parka blue 'der't (that special one) con tinued around and en ter in hissing "each one's, up"

more agent whom product that main lices with scalp itch new hair "my isn't, my hair is you" moored behind an ear each coast [comment material it] re "where production, it"

combed and back and fails to mean (thing one) more questioned exceed ing "or bridged temple, is it?" under cut home "and circu 'ural now half neath without sply to

day/'morrow returns

posted by harry k stammer

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don't be troubled, dear" plate fork spoon plastic chair address 'gonisms kind er in power changed 'mination 'uction "losing a jacket, wind" 'garies 'etic(va) "dad?" an

historical halves within 'ov alert change "say 'fuck you,' to contain ed expansive mean" ing restricted 'ferenc es "we can share this need le" suitable us inter

pret "oh, opacity, cheek us up" one corner two blocks away (cleaning) "you called them 'porto-potties'" when each sentence reaches toe shoe toe once bound (loseit) chosen't

socks? street cleaning no light stopped cer tain [there that] sock linings clearly pushing pulling ('ushing) 'pand vocab' 'lary com mon "my shoe, now my shoe, oh"

don't either bothered, dear" plastic type address 'gonisms chair spoon pitchfork plate in power changed 'mina tion 'uction that "losing an covering, wind" "dad?" 'garies

'etic(va) historical halves inside change alert 'fuck "say 'ov you, 'to contain mean" expansive ed "we restrict ed 'ferenc es can share this" necessity appro

priate enter "oh pretty o pacity, mordant we up" one "you absent blocks it sings two (cleanness) called them 'porto-potties'" when each sentence to reach finger foot

(loseit) chosen't an limited time low shoe finger foot socks? street that not clean no light stopped linings sock there [that] they push clearly pul ling ('ushing) 'pand vocab' low

shoe "my with shoe 'lary, now my low shoe, oh"

posted by harry k stammer

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(to back to)know dependent "uh?" 'cognize't 'bution "to the world, as 'pacity, what" been as/as make (ing) balloon (ed) people 'aking where backing into formed in

clay "eyes opening to a new spring day" 'maining risen head above city hall (LA) investigating it (facts) in sandy soil that de fined appears two shoes walk

along unrestrained "there's that picture, that facing, that one it" limit 4 points two to a side back rock hair wrapped used "two to a side" restraining form

ed deep foot step knee high "given, now, no less, with shoes" rationali ty "might even say" cooked up depends in timate (irration) 'sis tic perching (ality) put

(to support "uh?" dependent to) know "to 'cognize't 'bution world, as 'pacity, what" been as/ it makes balloon (ing) (ed) to populate 'aking where supporting in

data it inside forms "eyes clay that open to one day" news spring rais ed head 'maining above city hall (LA) that investigates (facts) ground arenaceous that fined

seems walked two low shoes throughout "there's unrestrained that portray, coverings, this one it" limit 4 two points to one "two used in volved hair rock back part side

one side" form contend deep rise knee stage foot ed "given, now, no little, with shoes" "might ty rationality levels say" cooked above on depends in perching on in

timate (irration) 'sis(ality) rank

posted by harry k stammer

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