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"start over, again" raise itup (itup) back n' hand broken motor hearts

as's night held't whilewhile you play a blue "tune" to

con se quent "rather than" tempor al start again chug

chug-ug syntag (mom's home, now!) play that across 'tic "clean

up the mess" 'matic E's arm up it's mantle-ing despite

one thing then another "depending nec cesity" to 'cognize't many

folding chair against [it's just the Figueroa stairway] 'peatable re

evented walking around a pile 'of shit' shit my arm

on digged stick through 'tention contingent [can trash fire] it's

lower smoldering thing another one dependent ly shit'z E's walk

away differ "the street turns purple tonight" one eye open

squint sighted feet sideways rested head "that's only a slight"

shuffling un ground pained foot to foot caught "spotting significance"

a louder voice "says it all, ya know?" hand to

face blanket pulled back light two eyes opening "truth ly"

"start on, again" it raises itup (itup) n' back held't hearts

delivers it the broken night to it as's engine whilewhile game

one "tune" blue for con than "quent" rather IF the start al tempor

chug another time syntag chug-ug (mom's home, as) "clean 'tic plays

this through ascendant mess" arm 'matic E's above spite mantle-ing

it's a thing then one another one 'cesity depending nec 'cognize't much

chair folding itself meeting [it's stairway Figueroa] 'peatable re

evented to walk around stack 'shit' digged through arm on

pole with 'tention [can fire lower garbage] it's contingent that

smoldering thing one walked ly a dependent shit'z E's differs

moved away tonight "purple one returns street" an open

eye squint feet the rested head sighted "that's laterally one

slight" to shuffled land un cause pain foot to significance

spotting stopped "says higher a voice it all,

know?" ya hand to face pulled genera(lity) stops backwards

illuminates two eyes that open ly truth