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sta tion ed

posted by harry k stammer

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station 1

pants belt [to the cuffs] scratches re flex "strings hanging" falling away con stant haze presses down "holding at three feet" flatten ed state paired shoes up war 'dicted ceiling limit

ing disappears (ache ing) one hand pock et "car to car" intent together toward relate away past "no change" no re ference 'red face' 'tivi ty up condensing 'tration

orange cone hold a broken strap ['erniated she is] fore grounded press ed into L says "passing in, direct" trans it flattens ends 'biliz es (not) within "this crisis,"

the leather strap pants [to cuffs] scratch re hanging" "strings flexible handle" the absent haze stant con fall pressures low "hold ing in feet" three it smoothes shoes pair been ed above lim

it ceiling war 'dicted disa ppears (finds it) ones pock hand et "cars to cars" together intention relates change "pass ed absent no" none fer ence re 'red face' 'tivi 'tra

tion condensing ascending ty orange hold cone filled with earth press ed brace ['erniated is] front broken L says "passing inside, dir ect" transport smoothes extremi

ties inside 'biliz es (not) crisis "this, ... "

posted by harry k stammer

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zzzz's on

posted by harry k stammer

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"the divide is the bridge" over LA river 1st street J's feet look feet then feet as feet

when the sitting socks carefully laid out was "no I remember" washer through

each feet as each feet "coher....ence" washing out spread (spreading) out from the corner down [alluvial]

divide lost from

language(s) influence (ic) "what's the watt?" picture singing picture ends moment end moment J says "oh yeah, possible image"

setting the table together "what is what?" melting in your mouth intimidated

overcast shifted "from violet to" include not [a thing] or that's footer claiming attention J sings "to your

eyes I

sing, to your heart" attentively feet looking feeting then "construction works at painting, mudding" sundown shadow in the

river bed walking the wheelchair sing "to your heart" pink against 'a blue'

[feetfoot pair ed] nothing to remember clouds dusk (it imaging) river 1st street J's writing numbers:

each feet wash ing

"the divided is bridge" feet street J's exceeding river LA look at the feet then placed feet socks seating care

remember no washer through each feet each "coher....ence" feet wash itself propagation (to

spread) sing low [ alluvial ] divides lost influence language(s) (ic) "what's watt?" moments J ends

moment end picture sing picture says "oh yeah, image" possible adjust "what

together table, is what?" to melt mouth intimidated to "dislocated overcast violet" from

thing includes not [ ] attention demand J footer that sings "to eyes I sings, heart" attentively

looking "feet feeting then" construction works painting mudded shade sundown bed river walks wheelchair sings "to

its heart" rose meeting 'a blue' [pair ed feetfoot] nothing to remember written

street J's river dusk clouds (it, latent image) numbers: each feet wash

posted by harry k stammer

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w's at

posted by harry k stammer

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Mara raised around each corner (four bags) down leg up [bench

stood 'anding] J's laughing again juice shop pants legs tied

tape ankles "no mosquitoes, up her" not a moral staple

to be pulled ing (then pulling falling pull) intrinsic referencing

yellow socks black hair "each around" leg down "no glasses"

"tell us about the time you got stabbed" not critical

"in the sense" night blooming jasmine now the fan is

off "in the doorway" punched against the back both forces

characteristic 'cumbing sense paralyzing (again, to tie the laces) lower

legs number "got stabbed" got stabbed unconscious largely both back

J succumbs 'reduce it to inertia' ed to Mara's needy

difference radiovideo color black cross inter 'rencing repeated (therefore as not)

"taken, as history of house painting" ah as authority to

J's crisis in the entryway "quoting you, me" trying to

walk out (afraid to move) (to look (afraidto) speak)

Mara raised around each four bags) for low foot ['anding been bank]

ascending J's sings it (that another time laughs more

mosquitos the feet "no ankles, adhesive ribbon pants store juice,

above her" moral cramp intrinsic pulled ing (it pulls then the fall traction)

referencing socks yellow "blackens around" "each hair, foot glasses" no for

low "tell time started stabbed" "not, critical sense" jasmine blossoming night

now the fan "doorway" perforated meeting back part

both feet lowest paralyzed

'cumbing characteristic direction forces (another

time, to break bows) number stabbed "got, both start unconscious" stabbed most(ly)

stop backwards J succumbs 'reduce it inertia' ed to cross needy 'rencing black

color radiovideo difference repeated Mara's (consequently not) "taken,

as history painting" house "ah, as the authority to crisis" J's entryway "quoting, me" to

try walks is (distrustful to move) (to look (afraidto), speaks)

posted by harry k stammer

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firms up

posted by harry k stammer

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Digging this stuff, absolutely digging it.
# posted by Blogger David

David, thanks. I keep going back to Jukka for inspiration... hks
# posted by Blogger harry k stammer

inspired by jukka . . . . that's funny, because the work that i've been posting daily is most defintely inspired by jukka. actually it's inspired by jukka if you like it, if you don't like it, well, it's because i suck. :-)
# posted by Blogger David


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"guarantee that it all corresponds" someone who "same feeling" martyr it "this, it" ((I,") left with) mapping each out 'tingent corner J's wearing two coats two pants other (dense possessive) "accident, 'stance, won't not walk, sir?" push in another direction possessively (sion) sundown light stopped to decide (decision) left

step step down eject'd stomach step down out essential'ed repeat but: from once gesture ing hand to tongue throat to point like (ly) full vio 'lch 'ited eager ness 'nous 'gry stepping stepping down ejecting things is stress 'tred pulling repeated number exercise ing 'ty 'tive 'tic 'less 'rative J's mouth

opens wide equaling de rived sexual six a.m. shapeliness ness rye distill "had a great" time borrowing 'sounding eager, again' pictures behind the door "your heat is mine, tonight" step on the curb reading to the door stucco yellow on practice leg muscles atrophied ankle above stepping up and down't

"guarantee this it all it corresponds somebody that feeling "same martyr" it "this, it" ((I, ") left with) tracing each one for 'tingent J's sings that consumes two coverings two pants other (possessive dense) "accident, 'stance, walked won't not, sir?" pushes one another light sundown

possessive direction (sion) stopped decide it left (decision) stage low stomach eject'd stage low repeat essential'ed but: a time that the hand gesture tongue throat point step on anxious full (ly) step ness 'nous 'gry vio 'lch 'ited below 'jection things is stress 'tred pulls repeated mouth 'ty 'tive 'tic

'less 'rative J's exercise number wide opens equal six ness sexual 'rived shapeliness a.m. rye distills "had one great" time asks 'sounding anxious, again' pictures behind heat "your door are mine, tonight" steps brake atrophied reads the yellow stucco door ankle the muscles foot practical one above stepping on above and down't

posted by harry k stammer

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pin pulling

posted by harry k stammer

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peering out of the enclosed entrance (sitting down) where un leave able "it's cynicism, too. Just ask." the building is "blue and pink" across regular noindis tinct 'pircism street demon strate'd 'which that be' it need not concerned with (any) method ical isn't be it "get up and walk!" this

isn't available apprehend (sion) 'ability "ok, thinking about, it" colliding 'mology echo [stairwell steps down] J's leg sores ((smell ing) infection) "that's rags piled, that's vile thrown, that's my home" 'vailable 'hended where garment drunk dazing wind southern based 'low connecting two immaterially whole [walk stairs up] necting t mat

what's seen out side (standing up) objectinterobject facing restored black flicker whiteblue spotted eye balls blue blackwhite wake "a sentence about consideration" re-write chewing cheek "don't have the answer, no" interobject staired pitched ing to immaterial turning back into "no, revelations" backed into blackwhiteblue flicker glass pane

watching outside include entrance (that if it seats) where un capable "else is cynicism, too much. part apnea," the building is "hazel & rose" through demon to regulate street 'pircism 'tinct noindis 'strate'd that one is does not interested with method (some) ical is it "lean and walk!" this apprehend available ability (sion)

"approved one, thinking approximately," sores foot echo 'mology [stages for low] J colliding stairwell ((infection ed ) ing) "piled up cloths, played home" is mine 'vailable 'hended where garment drunk dazing based low point south 'wind connects entire mat 'necting immaterially two [stairs walked] 't what seen for (being above) lateral coverings objectinterobject restored the blue vigil(s) spotted

blackwhite spheres eye black twinkle whiteblue "a sentence, rewrite consideration" chewing mordant "no reply, no" interobject staired launched back 'poreal turn in ", revelations" supported glass plate twinkle blackwhiteblue

posted by harry k stammer

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v.2...2... .ed

posted by harry k stammer

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there's something about a cheshire cat, that gradually fades away until only its smile is left
/before that fades finally........
# posted by Blogger mark young

& fractals
# posted by Blogger mark young


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"thought, relinquished on up, pouring drain down" time to drive J's thinking 'big

balls' dis 'tent isn't he came out earlier doorway pissing

"nose to the wall" reaching permanent (no) n yet some

says "writing in sentences" pointing like 'nargarjuna weeps, ing' 3

steps down waiting back response not forwarded or stepping nor

encounter ing pushed out (meta) fuck them "it's not emotional

fields newly turned" J backs into the doorway 'olated "none

edges this moment here pours over," placed said stage'd and

murder ghost ing reflects 'off of Mexico' TAXA flights $199

Puerto 'llarta them fucked turned into directly reference usual (as)

de reflection signed twiced away quality bricks aged reader logo

s "dressed up for Saturday, come on, lets go coher

ent (another partial number) 'where as' therapy backed into doorway

"not fixed" J's eyes between "and the glass is not

opaque" opens up belief that doesn't 'flection "Saturday, come on"

"thought, abandoned on above, down" spilling drain hour to direct J's

that thinks 'big balls' the dis 'tent isn't came "nose pissing

more advanced entrance to wall" reaching (none) permanent n however

does not say "writing in sentences" pointing as 'nargarjuna weeps, ing'

3 stages for low they wait sent back reply or step on nor meeting eliminated

(goal) "fuck them turned" emotional fields "it's recently ‘ack parts in

edges that" none entrance 'olated this moment here special tax on J said

"placed ghost stage'd and murder reflects" 'off Mexico' $199 flights Puerto

'llarta that TAXA fuck’em directly turned in reference usual (as) signed reflection

twiced reader who aged quality absent bricks soon s "dressed above for

Saturday, approached, leaves to go coher (one another partial number)" 'where as'

the therapy supported fixed not entrance J's eyes enters "and that the glass

is not opaque" it opens above opinion that doesn't 'flection "Saturday, comes on"

posted by harry k stammer

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u.3...2... .s

posted by harry k stammer

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u.3...1... .

posted by harry k stammer

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"start over, again" raise itup (itup) back n' hand broken motor hearts

as's night held't whilewhile you play a blue "tune" to

con se quent "rather than" tempor al start again chug

chug-ug syntag (mom's home, now!) play that across 'tic "clean

up the mess" 'matic E's arm up it's mantle-ing despite

one thing then another "depending nec cesity" to 'cognize't many

folding chair against [it's just the Figueroa stairway] 'peatable re

evented walking around a pile 'of shit' shit my arm

on digged stick through 'tention contingent [can trash fire] it's

lower smoldering thing another one dependent ly shit'z E's walk

away differ "the street turns purple tonight" one eye open

squint sighted feet sideways rested head "that's only a slight"

shuffling un ground pained foot to foot caught "spotting significance"

a louder voice "says it all, ya know?" hand to

face blanket pulled back light two eyes opening "truth ly"

"start on, again" it raises itup (itup) n' back held't hearts

delivers it the broken night to it as's engine whilewhile game

one "tune" blue for con than "quent" rather IF the start al tempor

chug another time syntag chug-ug (mom's home, as) "clean 'tic plays

this through ascendant mess" arm 'matic E's above spite mantle-ing

it's a thing then one another one 'cesity depending nec 'cognize't much

chair folding itself meeting [it's stairway Figueroa] 'peatable re

evented to walk around stack 'shit' digged through arm on

pole with 'tention [can fire lower garbage] it's contingent that

smoldering thing one walked ly a dependent shit'z E's differs

moved away tonight "purple one returns street" an open

eye squint feet the rested head sighted "that's laterally one

slight" to shuffled land un cause pain foot to significance

spotting stopped "says higher a voice it all,

know?" ya hand to face pulled genera(lity) stops backwards

illuminates two eyes that open ly truth

posted by harry k stammer

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t.1...4... .

posted by harry k stammer

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oh jeez "Eliot’s symbolism is almost complex" rituals eaten after

(after) location on "filming 3am 4am 5am" bunch'a cars up

and down "feet bouncing, remember?" smelling the back 'sizzling' dull

"you don't walk blankly, do you?" no almost whole block

lit'up numbers one yard between lines sidewalk ing north in

"it's pull up the pants and walk away, way, AH!"

struck off dis course it heading to a bus stop

hands in out "holding a large role" in out "forme"

smiling "forme" for conscience food no send yet suggest net

holding cuffs above shoes before thinking "pull up, pull!"

14... 48... 22... 56... 31... 06... 39... 14... 48... 22...

57... 31... 06... 40... "I don't know why" assumptions not

values per 'bism as 'rism as 'da one device on

another figure 'ation "you know" begins with names opening out processed

whether "pulled up" from meteorite (s) by rocking 48... narra...

the symbolism "Eliot jeez oh, almost complex" rituals after eaten

(after that) the position in "filming 3am 4am 5am" cars bunch'a for above low

"feet that it jumps, remember?" smelling 'sizzling' back it don't "you dull walks

blank, makes you?" no almost entire block lit'up numbers one yard between line(s) ing

sidewalk inside north to pull top "it's the pants walks moved away, way, AH!" hit outside

dis role covers heading to hands a bus is in "holding one, great" it are "forme" "forme"

smiling the food conscience none emits however suggests liquid arrest cuffs

above low shoes before thinking above "pull, pull!" 14... 48...

22... 56... 31... 06... 39... 14... 48... 22... 57... 31...

06... 40... "I don't knows why(s)" values assumptions

not for 'bism as 'rism as the device 'da one in

another figure know "it" you it 'ation starts the

names that open processing if "pulled up" meteorite (s) for tells

48... to it balancing...

posted by harry k stammer

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posted by harry k stammer

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s.3.0.4 "comman'dd?"

"it's this point of view" bad for

is said but edge'd it says some

steel window current thing that something

only says the current ing assumption

ly giving above vowels "it's this, too"

non 'weyou' the current essential cut

error face'd 'band for mountain ranges

wants point sight isn't "this, " un

this shelf rainless (absence) 'slugging

scotches supports two that smoke

parliaments one by one 'one of "sand

& lonesome" example colors complex meaning

'thermore four months of "so, so"

edges to "Buk" glass as 'after ly 6pm

shows above and drinks my whiskey,

mine to smoke cigarettes then fucks me 2am,

too' 'ned bag for low has adjusted

to the difference isn't as arranged

sun stops backwards delivers 'flicted

"followin' those points southern" the EL

Paso starts (sand dunes enter) since

that Little Rock Dallas "symbolize,death,

winter" the bag rank low

enters "might all also blink the point

that it spots for are

west" followed low difference

posted by harry k stammer

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posted by harry k stammer

(2) Comments:
harry, really beautiful !

oh yes! con curred, the hare the hard k conquered-- with senor cur--happily nappily at warm side.

keep on,
# posted by Blogger chris


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rrr.. "spoon'd?"

"walkff" stagresence "mais sloezzanine fow whiurns

tbsent circlre armbove smoos lookit inccess

"concentratied" ligack paraffic sloime toiir baisappearance subjead pad togethase ligtreet braround

"facame, samhing timeing ahing onother onoesn't iurt?"

maar thiay atep s truct fos speciotes writty oou

extir& "skillabor" plaands surroundertain thmake occurrinn manifestt" posmooth thxcess streos Angelerrat') (songer

risnd abolevator rigide leathtrap lot "jeeimple

appearannside stagn ot's tainly aboivision fingeircle

fos Alisoave scratchut "timeoo mureen ligho accessintrations

itnother tiame tome faco 'thants belpimples, all"

posted by harry k stammer

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"walked off" Main steps down mezzanine ramp "is presence" as

E turns away circles arm up Aliso standing looking

on ramp traffic back red light "concentration access" time to "bad

air" disappearance and subject together paired curb street light base

around "same faces" same time one thing but another "thing"

"doesn't your head hurt?" car this way one foot truck tread s out special ly written

notes about extirpa te & "skilled labor" or hands placing

compassed certain that way occurring "make your manifesto, post it"

Aliso at Los Angeles Street over (irrat') not longer (s)

E scratches above the belt right side lift look pimple

"jeez" appearance within a manner it's two steps mainly up ward

in circle fingers out wave ing Aliso's scratching too green

lights "times to accessing" 'trations it's again same some faces 'ther

pants down "pimples, all"

"walked off" stages presence "main" is slope mezzanine for low while turns

the absent circles are armed above smooth is looking at in access

"concentration red" light back part traffic slope time to "air bad"

disappearance subject had pair ed together base light street brake around

"faces same, same" thing timeing a thing one another one "doesn't it hurt?"

main car this way a step s truck it foot is special notes written ly on you

extirpa & "skilled labor" place hands surrounded certain that "make occurring

in manifesto, it" post smooth the excess street Los Angeles (irrat') (s) longer

risks and above elevator right side leather strap look at "jeez" pimple

appearance inside stages in one it's two mainly above division fingers circle

for is Aliso's wave scratches out "times, too much green lights to accessing" 'trations

it's another time same the some faces to 'ther pants below "pimples, all"

posted by harry k stammer

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q.14..5..2 "oney?"

"honhrough strei!" wavithers fre "count'eome tonighxcess "comiuh? " buhe hainside

fingandage foyeball toint lesaises foreheye fourneyed" beiothered destinhrough fuh,

tranquou iased in," halumniate (tii!" tave canne "sawrick loadio tricks the bir)

abilicraping fy" (less) viewed(iaxative objectiatting (paddilose) sounpposing

iroeturn prefeen coupli's [thoug??] "shithits" despairet unlehe reubstances onvincy,

bote 'soluhat ielieves teem clearore possibbsent thinurrently aftind coh, coint

sentimeou wrinternals, atage abooverings staibsent doround "ereeen, I'vhe entiday

about tast uere "gonliding orack hanphoira Eit involvhe principlowly aounds), choose

up?" fohe intaarticle feelid) (sdearemesis

posted by harry k stammer

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"honey, across the street" waving "Hi!"

another out come "count'em"

"coming over tonight?" huh? but

hair within bandage finger to

eyeball point less up eye brow for

destined bothering "journeyed"

thru tranquil "oh fuck, you based

it on," calumniate (tion)

"hey, Hi!" waving cannot be "saw't"

carrying brick to bricks

to birth (to) and scraping ability

by "by" objective (less)

laxative viewed(ing) patting

(padding by) sounds opposite H's [thought]

coupling viewed instead returning

"shit's irony, shits" despaired it unless

actual matters convinces "by, by"

'dote 'solute rendering two appearing

clearly plus possible away things

currently past mind to come

sentiment point can "oh, you write

internals, and" step up

stair facing in away door out

"I've been standing around"

all day here all "about to blow up" 'phoira E's

hand rail (slowly involves principle

as sounds) slide "gonna pick

me up?" toward intact particle

'dears' feeling memesis (d) (s)

posted by harry k stammer

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"do you think they got it all?" cigarette hand brown and black

waited paper in hand "it's a big lump" window mirror

distorted presented outside considered useless one story more cup full

choking vomit on awaken E's about "helpless forces" another hidden

distort eyes widen "they got it all?" layer & layer

speak bursting candies "peach & strawberry" 'ware ness collapse "gotten

all" bringing (ing it) sorption worldly lation imulus (tial) fond

confronting (nothing?) "being isolation" being rec cog nized peaches 'dies

confront not (objects floating in streets metaphor) pullout another sentence:

"but why am I?" ('daires) but tryings strawberry (isolation) ones

E's toes (updown) tapping fingers end pointing "pull those

up!" down once as isolation two powered greater by three

'adored baby' "someone's duty to" relent (soften) amount ing repeat

"even another toe tapper, but once is" vomiting motion left

"toes a tappin'!" back ended scenic what send'd a tappin'!

"do that you think that all?" had started it brown and black waited paper

"it's disposed hand cigarette one lump" great the mirror window distorted the

presented external part considered history that useless vomit blocking full cup

awaken on E's on forces "helpless hidden others" distort the eyes widen "they had

started all?" to it layer & layer speaks blowing up "peach & strawberry" candies

collapse of ness 'ware "gotten all" bringing (ing it) to become attached (tial)

worldly imulus lation sorption (nothing) isolation "being to be cog" rec nized

peaches that 'dies not (objects that floats metaphor streets) pullout one

another sentence: "but because am I?" ('daires) but strawberry tryings (insulation)

ones E's toes (updown) the extremity beating fingers pointing "pull that one up!"

for low a time as greater insulation two powered for three 'adored baby' to "duty of"

someone's relent (softer) repeat an amount "even one another beat finger

foot, but a time one is" toes left movement vomiting "one tappin'!" back part

finished scenic that send'd one tappin'!

posted by harry k stammer

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