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toward" equivalent J's shooting s 'tars and above "getting'up, right hand, left knee" 12th street

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less the than removed one minute 'tom an hour "what I thought I felt"

rebar along bottom sand open fasten road ing 'treet since it's 'adios Mexico' worry 'bout emphasis

fuck that [worrygriefpain] J's back pulls up exerted "create the abyss, cross it off" repeating peels skinning 'plexion lashed (s)macked

"can't save every one(body)" apoplexy'd mention caress move [ment] inflec 'tion s forming heats crossing Vignes to 'Denny's) "one support'n" raining down causing

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nirvana re accepted "whether that's

that toward" attitude J's equivalent

that goes off in s 'tars and above

"getting'up, right hand, knee" left

styrene poly "I'd torpid s sample street

(stack) likes to cite one history man"

cramps that swell to 'manner of' knees

taker less one removed one 'tom minute

one "what hour thought felt" to rebar to

the long one opened inferior sand arrests

ing 'treet road since it's 'adios Mexico'

it worries the fuck emphasis 'bout that

[worrygriefpain] J's supports "create

above exerted the tractions abyss, cross

it off" repeating the rinds that peel 'plexion

skin (s)macked "can't one(body)" conserves

each give form [ment] inflec 'tion s

movement caress mention apoplexy'd heats

Vignes crossing "one support'n" 'Denny's)

rain below cause the rea intractable un

ot ed ness (it) [shows 'ament] labeled "puts

above its pole for rent" the structures can

be abundant (junked (d) if hurrying)

dishevel usef' remaining portion