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head leg chest arm (s) bumps

skin "scratch'em off" that

obstacle consist (lot parking

between) closed chained placed along "pale'd

face" O rubs big toe [identity]

whiskered leg head self'd

meaning ending stopped (lighted)

caught "little thing that runs around"

open 'pressive chest & arm whether

'coherent isn't once cancer

'd one growing out 'visible (ly)

taped [mouse] shifting visible

"in love" and bound division love'dem

framed ing in

head loving side door is barred

[sentence to questioning] 'order

'urden of back 'argins "love to tell,

this is a

substitute" reason urged out love's

measure'd one meter crossed in

smell poured concrete fresh (sand)y

fogged windows ground level

"my left foot came off last night

and hopped away,

hopped away" (time again) steps

down to metro [riding to

Pershing Square] 'anguage peddled it 'tology in results "hopping away, hopping away" unenclosure focus 'sult regretting "it's temper, frail temper"

posted by harry k stammer

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Harry, your modes skate walks, allude to more, bless it. more (re-v-feeling) than worlds can ever hell. please, keep on. this rocks.

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that's embrace bent back luckier clarity raised curved bad fortune

pulling "further down, away" marked normal amounts ticket drop through

disease [encircle'd pleasure infest quick] climbing four legs fence (over)

situate hope less 'cipation ants dead bird chance loss (t)

of product (of) "it's too vague Jack, it's vague just"

embraced accident (icon) played pointed (less 'cessive profit'd eating peanuts

bread sliced turkey (cold slaw) sharp cheddar cheap cabernet "emerging

out the door the gun man hunched over" (get out

and eat) currents hands to fondness around movable eyelids "amour"

idol (bluegreenred) 'bivalent 2nd story windows turned out four inches

'cessive embraced passion(ing) "I'm sorry" 'this space' 'mobile N's heart

thump breath artery to street/walking cheek to window(s) dead timed

to meet "dash to use" raising over the floor now

hand to face 'sease dismantled "ownership is empower" mented squared

'fested fully stretched arms nose eyes to window 'peeking' forced

posted by harry k stammer

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sleeping again - Los Angeles St.

posted by harry k stammer

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"coma's done" bladder's empty this cart change small can under the box of shorts/t-shirts "can't find the yellow jacket hole"

row of ten cans (oil now dirt) "Denny's eggs and bacon" stretched and blue tarp "it came and was over

after two days" grinning floating (sunglass) body dropping dead th(rough)

direct pervade (two by four by six) stop straining "time to go home, bro?" (ly) bottle on his right bags

left bandage left toe "the meditator has a choice" fist 'fectious where quantity and bottle 'alance size achieved 'whelming weight

marking relation possible stable ships hearer concentration razor strips delicately

"intensified interest" foot drag arm swing head turn stop (six by 4 by 5) objects shift as awareness stop head

turn drag foot swing "put those eyes back in your head" questioning look passed before

speaking smiling possible not experience not street not six by 2 by 3 feet

done coma's bladder's "can't empty this small can change car under the box wing of shorts/t-shirts hole" yellow covering row ten eggs and bacon cans (oil dirt) now "Denny's" it strained and blue tarp came after on days "two, smiling the body floating (sunglass)" that it leaves to fall th(rough) inoperative direct pervade (two for four for six) stopped that strains "time to go for house, bro?" the bottle (ly) in its left meditator "the finger foot bandage left right bags one choice" fist 'fectious where the amount size bottle 'alance had obtained possible steady razor concentration hearer ships relation marking weight 'whelming peels delicate "intensified interest" straining return head rocking arm drag foot (six for 4 5) for objects dislocates as "put that rocking foot drag return head slump conscience those eyes support in head" the look questioning passed before talkative possible street not smiling not six experience not for 2 for 3 feet

posted by harry k stammer

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sleeping - Los Angeles St.

posted by harry k stammer

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on a bench in 'transit plaza' napping "one rape two rape

three rape four" stairwell down grounded the dash driver said

"this is my ten minute break, you'll have to wait"

ten minutes unable to forgive principle'd the 'inary plead ing

excluding self awareness settled body holding 'nomenom rare penis trust

ing altruistic (ally) "yours, liking?" as if remains charged 'lution (d)

'istoring 'itched pale "his long silences, slipping, I think" backed

(seeing angels) that is LAPD pitched between lunch and dinner

smoothing a contra (furry) soothed apparent heel ache (ing) forming

long silences tenth items listing scripting "liking your is, slipping"

another bench tiedup in perspective one tried convicted 100 others

soothed into sooth(ing) firm (ary) in behind wall protect (ed)

get up vomit "formal marriage" between s owing solutions "girl, you've

been fucked" badly 'irm from unspecified said it specious 'oping

carried throbbing bound down opposed "it can't be" deliberate amounts

in a bank in 'transit plaza' "one napping two four" breaking break three stairwell filled with earth for low said "this driver trace is mine ten minute rupture, you'll that wait" ten minutes incapable pardon principle'd 'inary plead ing excluding the established body conscience self that arrests the rare confidence penis 'nomenom "your altruistic ing (ally), liking?" as if 'lution loaded remains (d) 'istoring 'itched pale long silence "his, sliding, think" it is supported (seeing angels) that LAPD launched between lunch and the supper smoothing against it finds apparent soothed (furry) jump (ing) giving form articles long silence ten it signing up "liking scripting its is, slipping" one another one tiedup bank in perspective attemped convicted 100 others soothed in the firm sooth(ing) (ary) inside behind wall protects (ed) arises marriage" "formal vomit, between s" that must "girl solutions, you've been fucked" badly 'irm said unspecified 'oping specious loaded be "for the low opposite throbbing" can't limit deliberate amounts

posted by harry k stammer

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sleeping on 2nd, again

posted by harry k stammer

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sharing [other signs]

telescope "not beginning"

D reacts (tion) shirt

off fast walking stop talk

"beginning tomorrow I will I

will I" turn bus up bus

up along shake waist

reach around "I'm going,

I'm going" huh huh pass stop

look backheadturn shaken'd 'scoped

"to have been possible" present

percocet evening (perfect) ly

meta hand'd 'jected sick "my friend"

bitter'd origin orient 'verge

choke ing first rather goal (less)

shake waist more "saying that organizing"

'erms 'eir wards 'oint

D reaction some "times" n

exis [tence] packed bags signed

away turnhead en'shake d'scope back

"had mind in" what(ed) whated

what even day during

jolly what converging

July days as

an origin first one goal +-

less place or one

"I'm just joking!" I'm just

D waits except screaming "I'm just!"

'ceived 'tached "can't be

tapered, must be coldly felt and

freed authorize'd phenol 'rivative

(D) I'm just, joking!" mar velous

sharing [beginning not telescope other signals ] D reacts the shirt (tion) is colloquy walking fast door that "beginning tomorrow me will I" will it turns the bus above to the long one the reach around "I'm that it goes, going" waist agitation I'm "to backheadturn shaken'd 'scoped look door ticket huh huh was possible" gift friend my sick ly (perfect) goal hand'd 'jected night percocet bitter'd east origin 'verge choke ing waist agitation objective first to rather (less) that "saying this organizing" 'erms to 'eir wards reaction 'oint D some "times" requirements n [tence] had packed in "signed absentee bags mind" had turnhead en'shake d'scope stops backwards what(ed) what ed that day glad uniform during days converging July as a first origin an objective + - little place or one joking! just "I'm, I'm, D just waits except crying out just!" I'm 'ceived 'tached "can't either well formed, must cold" be felt and only exempted phenol authorize'd 'rivative (d) I'm, joking! march ve lous

posted by harry k stammer

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Sleeping on 1st Street, again

posted by harry k stammer

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oftheoftheoftheofthe J remembers

missing ofthe(s) of the

meaning and restraint theoftheof

realm'd sign'd the turn onto Broadway

leading (white large paint blocks)

to Pasadena or Silverlake oftheof

leafs under veins speaking "look emotion

'eact 'ction as'nt forced(ing)

of theof four leveled leading

away 'hamma didn't see(s) 'fore

"always another signal" as'nt

forcing force D cornered clear end ly

'hipping where once it's 'volved

investigated tolerate J blinks it 'ather returned ing

'ather returned ing ooze ing revealed

signals 'nother ways 'tained usable

ranging 'cope 'omastics origins get's

up "oh, enduring s longer names"

arms across [pulled up passive] 4

officers signal'd car force

'gress pants up pulled left leg

(out) slap sandal down right

foot slide bags belly stare around

flashing red hand various

'sive 'ource car/truck "eyes in blackout,

overcast" stopped ing

hip to thigh unattached swinging

wide non existent knee 'miss'd

D's shin angle 'nert inside scope around

circumference back footflap

oftheoftheoftheofthe J remembers that lacking ofthe(s) theoftheof realm'd sign'd meaning and restraint the return Broadway that leads (the white blocks great painting) to oftheof Pasadena or Silverlake turns pages under the veins that say forced(ing) emotion 'eact 'ction as'nt "look see(s)" absent leading leveled 'fore theof four 'hamma didn't "always one another one signal" as'nt that force D enclosed the clear extremity 'hipping ly where a time that it's 'volved investigated tolerates blinks J it returned ing to 'ather returned 'ather ing ooze the origins varying usable disclosed get's in ways 'tained 'cope 'omastics them signals to 'nother above of "oh, resisting one's names" longer s arms through [pulled for top the passive voice] the force car 4 officers signal'd 'gress pants above pulled left sandal for low that bags sliding one right foot swell fixed look around several 'sive 'ource car/truck "eyes of blink red hand in the blackout, overcast" stroke foot (for are) hip stopped thigh unattached balancing wide the angle non existent 'nert shin knee 'miss'd D's inside space around foot flapping back part circumference

posted by harry k stammer

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Sleeping - 1st Street 1.1

posted by harry k stammer

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lighter light beers cigarettes pipe crystal beer nirvana routed ing re "whether that's accepting attitude

toward" equivalent J's shooting s 'tars and above "getting'up, right hand, left knee" 12th street

show (piling) poly torpid s styrene "I'd like to quote the story of a man" cramps swelling 'manner of' taker knees

less the than removed one minute 'tom an hour "what I thought I felt"

rebar along bottom sand open fasten road ing 'treet since it's 'adios Mexico' worry 'bout emphasis

fuck that [worrygriefpain] J's back pulls up exerted "create the abyss, cross it off" repeating peels skinning 'plexion lashed (s)macked

"can't save every one(body)" apoplexy'd mention caress move [ment] inflec 'tion s forming heats crossing Vignes to 'Denny's) "one support'n" raining down causing

intractable ness ed ot (hers) un rea [show 'ament] labeled "puts up his perch for rent" structures may be abundant (junked speeding (d)) dishevel usef' remnant

clearer clear cigarettes beers lead

the distributed ing beer crystal

nirvana re accepted "whether that's

that toward" attitude J's equivalent

that goes off in s 'tars and above

"getting'up, right hand, knee" left

styrene poly "I'd torpid s sample street

(stack) likes to cite one history man"

cramps that swell to 'manner of' knees

taker less one removed one 'tom minute

one "what hour thought felt" to rebar to

the long one opened inferior sand arrests

ing 'treet road since it's 'adios Mexico'

it worries the fuck emphasis 'bout that

[worrygriefpain] J's supports "create

above exerted the tractions abyss, cross

it off" repeating the rinds that peel 'plexion

skin (s)macked "can't one(body)" conserves

each give form [ment] inflec 'tion s

movement caress mention apoplexy'd heats

Vignes crossing "one support'n" 'Denny's)

rain below cause the rea intractable un

ot ed ness (it) [shows 'ament] labeled "puts

above its pole for rent" the structures can

be abundant (junked (d) if hurrying)

dishevel usef' remaining portion

posted by harry k stammer

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broadway 1.1

posted by harry k stammer

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at 8th and Olive E picks up a bucket [a] squeegee a bucket squeegee towel similar back looks yet (white) sure (on) (in) "Spring St. I'm going, to presence, yes hear speak" scratched ing concrete members water wipe squeegee wipe away "Main St. landing [S] scaled" 10:1 actual inches solitary

"speak my ears hear" shouting E's mouthing the tear inside the third finger knuckle one to two [conversation si (lence) ntly ] walk back to the buckets (un) surely dropping blood mental 'anscient 'ning toward falling "better look up fiction as a noun again" (less) ness state wrapping Kleenex fingered (tively)

"it's the narcotic I'm wanting" no emetic trace the patter [single judgment juried conviction] she/he sentiment "my baby, what about him?" 'and end to 'osene lit'up "can... anyone trace the 'nitude?" hand and mouth muffle where cutting cut cavity 'iny fingers "cutting up" take once triggered 'my gun in hand' un(done)

at 8th and Olive and picks up bucket [ ] squeegee bucket squeegee towel similar back looks yet (white) sure (on) (in) "Spring's where I' m going, you the presence, yes to hear speak" scratched ing concrete members water wipe squeegee wipe away "Main's landing [s] scaled" 10:1 current one swell solitary "fail my ears hear what" and shouting that mouthing the interior rip the third together one the two finger [silica conversation (lence) ntly ] walks stops certainly backwards the mental leaving to fall blood buckets (un) `anscient that 'ning for the "fall looks at above fiction while ness a substantive another one noun" (less) indicate to involve Kleenex fingered (tively) ", narcotic wanting me as" no trace emetic the only judgment juried the certainty ] she/he sentiment longitudinal aligned[ "my baby, who and ?" and the end to lit'up of 'osene of "can't... any trace the 'nitude of't ?" the hand and the mouth muffle where to cut "why cut to the fingers iny of socket cut" to triggered provoked time taking un(done) hand gun'

posted by harry k stammer

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without 'eedom & 'sense "so far" emerging E's thought stairs curve up away (s) (ing)

"double it up reach (subjects) impact nature'd ill (us)

only abandon "oh, god obvious dude(s)

flat spots light wrist E's

arm (massed when transference) coin

cides "cups 'o tea" calling

(ed) a foolish dream butt's

up thumb back 'sores' eat

itch "cup of half, inch"

getting tired on Aliso St.

corner change 'vealed backed itching sore'd (saxophone's) "josey comes" langues(que) do the modeled wonders theorize(ing)

"trouble was" E wasn't reading

Mr. B today not product

different its 'fect (d) thusthus

singing "my own sense... freedom(s)

E's chair at Vignes &

Commercial faces to "Lady of

Angels" trash surrounding toll booth

freeway entrance [giving meaning]

"oh, what is your darkeness, your 'get me down', honey?" sirens fire dept. (LA) screaming

at 'bags here' four quarters

will run the route 'ather

models "too, speaking to writing"

"double "oh, ascending abandonment evil impact nature'd reach (subjects) (we) only, obvious smooth points dude(s) god tea" clearly "cups 'o cides currency arm E's pulse (congregated when transference) calling (ed) a dream foolish butt's above back part 'sores' thumb it eats itch "cup half, inch" starting tired in the change 'vealed sing it St. Aliso "supported comes" itching "josey sore'd (saxophone's) language(s(que)) makes was" "trouble shaped theorize(ing) wonders" product Mr. B reading and wasn't today not different its to sing thusthus 'fect proper (d) "my freedom(s) direction..." Commercial chair E's in Vignes & faces "Lady Angels" oh surrounding entrance freeway cabin toll garbage "[ that it gives meaning ], what darkness is its, its 'get me down', honey?" dept. fire sirens (LA) that here 'cries out in bags' four rooms will function "too models route to 'ather, speaking writing"

posted by harry k stammer

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(laundry doesn't dry) hung up points

rusted [dots] not white

assumptions E makes paper folds

raised up leg between (s)

opposed "what if you could code it,

yakking in one

voice?" twothreefour voice'd where'n

time 'ast 'lienated paired dialogue

(s) working beliefs local (ized) mapping

tripped not existen 'chal'

d - whether mem (ory) timed (s)

pi squared E's thought is

"anxiety coupled with projection of death

wish alienation" shit no metaphor

mapped it local 'tened 'un

loving shot 'ante explosive

"see a'cide" there you know it

"well, when clear'r"

bound up social expression(s) 'no no

not no not this'

jailed (less) touching the wall toward

the bedroom (assume it)

search pale "she won't answer... not

call back" overcast (lying) in the ivy

onramp Broadway suntan (timed) some

tires sticking sound (tape approval)

'ic practice replaced "where the leaves

meet the branches," roadway

curves here E reaches up subject and

'lessness 'n confined

posted by harry k stammer

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bus & pipe

picking a butt up green light he

situate (ing) "yes" peeked roof while

eyes bleak (ly)

Main St. stopping "not drink

or food" say going

A: "gloomy king's" waving motions hands list as argue

M: roll up door glass (den

A: sity) vs ratio

M: painted window black "it meant

A: to me" admit

up butt green picking light

(ed) from behind form'd urging "no"


gulping "all of it down" once

refuses (ing)

up selecting a butt he (ing)

places green light "yes" up peeked

roof during eyes bald (ly) Main St.

which "not or food" beverage stops go

A: "gloomy king's" wavelike moving movements hand list as argue

M: roll to door glass (cave

A: above (sity)) against relationship

M: painted window black "it meant

A: to me" permit

up butt green form'd from

the rear which "no" selects

the light (ed) pushes direction

sips "all of it down" leans once

off (ing)

places green light "yes" up peeked

roof during eyes bald (ly) Main St. which "not or food" beverage stops go

up selecting a butt he (ing) places green light "yes" up peeked

up butt green form'd from the rear which "no" selects the light (ed) pushes

Main St. which "not or food" beverage stops go

direction sips "all of it down" leans once off (ing) "gloomy king's" wavelike moving movements hand list as argue leans once off (ing) "gloomy king's"

wave like

roll to door glass (cave above (sity))

against relationship painted window black "it meant to me" permit