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Bunker Hill (copper hat hell)

"played into a silver lotus" that horn stuffed 'ersistent a tradition (al) screed'd past separate which things living reproductive T thinks it "come this way, sir" woman 'an food "come this way, sir!" distinguished from one other

"Come This Way, Sir!" that ruling (er) to phallic to 'allus lost stairs [under several] words determine either against (access) T stops walking "sir, come this way" elbows held (old) branched hands un steady pattern'd brain and tired

some pieces as abnormal T's hat is yellow today compared talking waving jacket arm back as measured in exertion 'd sitting looking officer "can I pee?" qauged gauging into [method further move 'd] 'you see the end' while disputes feuding

anneal (ing) hardened it from raging brought back car hoods "they tell us everything here, don't they?" good waxed smooth informed (ing) fixtures store been clothes washing in "Pratt" fountain wring it "spelled anguish" water bottled annotate neural pattern'd

"played in one lotus" of silver this horn full 'ersistent a tradition (al) screed'd after separate things T reproductive living think "come this way, sir" "come food woman 'an, this way, sir!" distinguished from one another one "Come This Way, Sir!" that governing (er) phallic lost words 'allus diverse stairs [under] determines any one meeting (access) T "sir, walking, comes this way" the elbows had firmly arrested the brain ramified (old) un pattern'd hands and tired some parts abnormal hat T's is compared back part waving speaking today turns yellow arm covering measured in exertion 'd it sits down looking at pee? " " can official I qauged calibrate [additional movement 'd method] 'you see end' when disputes feuding anneals (ing) hardened layers stops backwards brought raging car "they say everything here to them, they?" don't good waxed smooth the electric devices informed (ing) store been clothes that are washed in "Pratt" the source wring "spelled anguish" the water bottled writes down pattern'd neural

posted by harry k stammer