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Cahuenga II


LADOT is running and is cheaper no visual cues not to E it's a figurative running the wind from a fly attempting to land hisher hand some seats reclined some to highlow to sit is

E says "the unconscious is re-structured, a chicken wire under a lathe & plaster(pale light red yellow)ed" repeat associations versus representations-pre buses blued striped boxes bound away the fires fire smoked into wind isn't

fuck fragments "let it flow like a river past Glendale" not St. Louis although (big syllable words) no smell to go and "why does he believe it's a lavatory?" that won't stop the bus it's a visible process isn't it

is conventional transportation whichthat disrupted down Cahuenga updown Temple to Benton & steps off and sits down on a bench (a bench assumption) not even a flux as you pull out a previous thinking and tie it to


LADOT is functioning and is cheaper no visual suggestions not it and that the wind of a fly is a figurative corridor that tries to fill with earth the hand of hisher some seats had reclined some to highlow if to seat they are

and says "unconscious re-structured, a wire of the hen under a lathe & red clearly of plaster(pale yellow)ed" the associations of repeat(ing) against peeled boxes blued of the buses of representative-pre limit moved away the bound(ed) that

the fire smoked in the wind is not the fragments of the fuck "had left it to flow as a river after Glendale" St. Louis even so (great words of the syllable) none I do not smell to go and "why it believes it is one lavatory"

this will not stop the bus that is a visible process is not it is whichthat conventional of the transport disrupted below Temple of updown of Cahuenga the Benton & the stages are and sit down for low in a bank (an assumption of the bank)

not leveling a flow while you remove to think precedent and mooring cable the a