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Beaudry at 6th


"presumably no one tells you what to say write read" the sign (lettered without numbers) the big red wig and funny nose – the clown is walking with B and speak ing: parody play pretense purse purveyor placatory pretending to pronounce cartoon-ish people pacing back to confront to con strain "don't you see it?" no put some history behind it put a pencil behind your ear and sing 'if I were a stinger missile a sting er bee' I would hallucinate a beautiful world one where... walking at night slicing throats of homeless ones who who who and put gasoline in bottled water bottled beer bottled devils reality never ever ever broken ev en when weighing it remember to take into account the water weight the Mayor may not of have presumed that 9th Street became Olym pic Blvd. at San Julian no movement definite resent, revenge (no regret) malignant (watch those turns doesn't really... early end) B thinks foot ball and some end, tight. happening three (3) times


"presumably nobody says what to say to him writes read" the sample (putting letters without numbers) the great red wig and the amused nose - the clown is walking with B and of the speech: the pretending placatory of the purveyor of the of pre-tightens of the game... of parody to pronounce the people of the comic strip-ish-ish that establishes the step again to faces towards "don't of the tension that you see it?" no position a certain history behind him put a pencil behind its ear and sings "if that was a missile of the sting to the bee of the puncture" would hallucinate a beautiful world one where... walking at night which it slices the throats of nomads who who that and gasoline put in water in bottle it bottled the beer never bottled in always always broken of every of the reality of the devils to the grief it remembers to consider the weight of the water that the Mayor could of not have been concealed which 9th street became Olympic Blvd. and San Julian no returned salary to send defined of the movement, revenge (no grief) bad (really watches don't of those returned early end) B thinks the ball of the foot firmly and a certain end, happening three (3) times