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oftheoftheoftheofthe J remembers

missing ofthe(s) of the

meaning and restraint theoftheof

realm'd sign'd the turn onto Broadway

leading (white large paint blocks)

to Pasadena or Silverlake oftheof

leafs under veins speaking "look emotion

'eact 'ction as'nt forced(ing)

of theof four leveled leading

away 'hamma didn't see(s) 'fore

"always another signal" as'nt

forcing force D cornered clear end ly

'hipping where once it's 'volved

investigated tolerate J blinks it 'ather returned ing

'ather returned ing ooze ing revealed

signals 'nother ways 'tained usable

ranging 'cope 'omastics origins get's

up "oh, enduring s longer names"

arms across [pulled up passive] 4

officers signal'd car force

'gress pants up pulled left leg

(out) slap sandal down right

foot slide bags belly stare around

flashing red hand various

'sive 'ource car/truck "eyes in blackout,

overcast" stopped ing

hip to thigh unattached swinging

wide non existent knee 'miss'd

D's shin angle 'nert inside scope around

circumference back footflap

oftheoftheoftheofthe J remembers that lacking ofthe(s) theoftheof realm'd sign'd meaning and restraint the return Broadway that leads (the white blocks great painting) to oftheof Pasadena or Silverlake turns pages under the veins that say forced(ing) emotion 'eact 'ction as'nt "look see(s)" absent leading leveled 'fore theof four 'hamma didn't "always one another one signal" as'nt that force D enclosed the clear extremity 'hipping ly where a time that it's 'volved investigated tolerates blinks J it returned ing to 'ather returned 'ather ing ooze the origins varying usable disclosed get's in ways 'tained 'cope 'omastics them signals to 'nother above of "oh, resisting one's names" longer s arms through [pulled for top the passive voice] the force car 4 officers signal'd 'gress pants above pulled left sandal for low that bags sliding one right foot swell fixed look around several 'sive 'ource car/truck "eyes of blink red hand in the blackout, overcast" stroke foot (for are) hip stopped thigh unattached balancing wide the angle non existent 'nert shin knee 'miss'd D's inside space around foot flapping back part circumference