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within cracked "person vs. history vs. backward categories" either engine

diesel weight'd 'evels "pull the blanket up over," isto 'press

notion(s) ing [to what] defending reaching 'istic (ins) ment 'ysis

"termed" successive inward/outward "one litter of pigs, one" divination other

time(s) sighted east away from Temple rolling Vermont inched west

forward to no one said "you're emancipated, not really"

meant (ideal/?) E has athlete's foot itchitchitchch'd'd 'orror 'eath 'loud

get out the characteristic pre (sent) bag lap head in

knees walking through the door "hi, mom wanna go to

get a pizza?" not progress not/no notions ['uaranteed] change wide

within the broken "person against history against rear category" pull up each machine diesel

weight'd 'evels "the cover more rubber," isto 'notion(s) ing [to which] defending press 'istic

(in) ment 'ysis "term" successive inward/outward "litter the pigs, one" pointing saying, which

divine other time (s) the east away from handle roles Vermont which became away move step for

step to west forward to none which "are said, are emancipate, not freedom" meant that (ideally

/?) leaves E 'eath 'orror 'itchitchitchch'd'd foot atheletes loud characteristic (sent) bag

lap head forwards to go out the knees going through the door "hello, ma would like to go get a

pizza, too?" terms progress do not change not/no ['uaranteed ] far

posted by harry k stammer

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Douglas Building

'en(cy) 'torted

"you don't know

if you will regain it"

again 'modes

of/in production'

E bends down frozen 5:30am

'scoped reading

"Times" headline metal

knobs twist 'torted

(s) intestinal

crowding (two to a)

'owd gas pickup

'seventeen' musilage


substance worth defends

'cepts successive staged

two board stuck


en(cy of) 'torted "voice does not know if you regain" another time musilage to modes collector gas 'owd "tempos" reading production modalities of/in bendings 5:30am E for low frozen and 'scoped buttons metal of headline' twist torted (s) if to agglomerate intestinal (two) where the substance worth defends the staged plate successive two 'cepts of 'pierced together'

posted by harry k stammer

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Douglas Building

'which' is the point serving ménage so approached (ing) graffiti

less (pre) "page three signed, twice" E figured (re) difficult

[ty] "what's observed?" 'havior better to plug it in washed

down (ination) urine "take this measurement 22nd Street where trinity

meets whether it's points (out of this that) immigrant less

another mixture "my nurse says..." and asks "oh, you aren't

(out of) narrative" (?) groan (de) fect'd severely reach to panic(s)

'pection system ized 'x cept cars to trucks curled story

storied hats up shape (ing) dominant to tricks mixed around

'suppose' now 'H1B' immigrant tomorrow recalling "why am you frighten"

pull all shapes paint reveal/hide E's repressed past falls forward

"when is it historical contradiction, really?" run of plastic chairs

front the entrance leading doorway "know it' the end..." disguised 'coded'

'code' 'd tow twice(d) trouble here (s) presented "now and

then" shit just don't hide't 'hapes 'aint'ed 'veal 'stort it

'which' he is ménage serving point that

graffiti approached little (pre) "page three

signed, twice" (ing) E appeared (re) observed?

"[ ty ] difficult" what's better 'havior plug

in washed below "take urine (ination) the this

street measure 22nd where trinity finds if it's

more/less points (it that) immigrant one nurse

"my mixture says..." E asks for "oh, you narrative"

aren't (it) () the reach moan fect'd severely

system panic(s) 'pection ized cars cept 'x to

wavy history trucks storied hats above form (ing)

dominant tricks mixed around 'suppose' now 'H1B'

immigrant that you remember tomorrow "why frighten"

it pulls all the forms that the painting reveal/hide

falls "when after E's repressed is historical

contradiction, really?" functioning plastic chairs

front "know main it's entrance entrance"

extremity... 'coded' 'code' 'd tow twice(d) problem

"now and then" presented here (s) hide't 'hapes

'aint'ed just 'veal excrement don't 'stort it

posted by harry k stammer

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"those aren't features" 60 or 70 people crowding around a doorway "no, it's the use of the sequence not word order sitting a hundred steps away pointing center (another body asleep) meaning express'd without value ing how value'd not waiting (features written) seen "yesterday's shaved head, stubble" today saying it

"and the mission only takes" counting beds form(ing) new (s) leaning right wrist bent hand fingers out holding ((value insists) equaling)) "alien translation for me, today" other "the door(s) stop working" as "no money, bus't today" or waiting/sitting in line(s) the sidewalk from folding up over "utterance over the cardboard" beds

not in a bed bed(s) un able sit railing aluminum whether Arcadia at Main or dirt bedding "verb and conjunction" nor feat(s) 'integration 'laced sign up (telling) wait "over the freeway" place one image 'orward another 'ward study'd back mean(s) is bleeding 'you' cut fallen deaf stopping(s) (ed)

"features" those aren't 60 or 70 people tightening around "no door it's utilization order words order not resting hundred stages directing far significance express'd from center (another deadened body) without ing value how value'd not 'attendant (written devices) "yesterday's considering shaved head, stubble" the statement saying "and the takes" mission only by counting form(ing) beds new (s) leaning the fingers hand folded by right wrist out being held ((the value requires)

to equalize)) "alien translation for me, today" stop working door(s) "the money" "no, today" bus't or waiting/sitting in line(s) pavement fold the "utterance finished above the cardboard" beds not in a bed(s) one able bed put back aluminum balustrade if Arcadia with "verb and conjunction" bed linen force or dirtiness nor the feat(s) integration 'laced record (saying) the "over attention freeway" 'image 'orward a another mean(s)

back 'ward study'd bleeding 'you' cut the fallen deaf stopping(s) (d)

posted by harry k stammer

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bus & pipe

ordinary it say "right, then" bark(s) "barkbark" bark(ed) contemplate sign streets 'respond ing collate (age) isn't it 'narily re

cently space between lesser sensitive sense (s) increase it isn't device 'd ordinary (arily( this bus cannot [disor ient] news failure (ing)

(settled failure moving (ed)) cracked concrete different move (y) says fail words (ure) M seated thinking "violence, critical urge"

M: carried hand left foot forward A: "well, it's your words bent" (ed) M: unlike Kant reason A: "not so much me as," M: a bus drive(r) (ing)

((ordinary it "right of word, then"

"barkbark" of bark(s) bark(ed) contemplates

streets sign that (ing) 'respond assembles (age)

isn't it 'narily about

‘cently space between sensitive

augmentation ordinary direction (s) it

device isn't (rily ( bus cannot [ disor ient ]

failure news (ing) arranged

failure moving (ed)) the concrete

the movement split that different (ly) indicates

the "violence of thought posed per M words bus (r) urge"


posted by harry k stammer

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Yale & Ord St. (H & S)

"ten pieces, legs & thighs" smoke stream (ing) lips H pulls and over one box to hold another equals vehicle for sleep cardboard plastic tape one blanket broken down wrapped store stuck in chicken on newspaper afternoon dinner setting

S says "pull that fastener tighter" can't call after 3pm "slide it under, over here" she'll be slurred [a divine R.V. routed from San Diego to Fresno] "no, under over here" (highway 15 weeds rocks and beer) "GOD! Why don't

you listen?" you 8 pieces which ones are H takes role back primarily to being legs by 'petition in 'onlogue sleeve mouth wipe first sentence article(s) excluded reading the bus sign (number) "has been fuzzy" and thigh'd by 'pertion in

"ten parts, feet & thighs" it smokes tractions edges H stream (ing) and one box to keep one another vehicle equal plastic generality adhesive ribbon the one card broken sleep below pierced involved store in the chicken in adjustment supper afternoon periodical S says "pull this tighter" arrestor call can't after "slide 3pm it below, here" excess she'll slurred [R.V. divine distributed San Diego to Fresno ] "no, below here" excess (road 15 removes harmful grass rocks and beer) "GOD! Because don't you listen?" 8 parts that are back part paper taking H first to feet for 'petition article(s) sentence wipe mouth glove 'onlogue the first one excluded reading "has signal bus (number) fuzzy" thigh'd for 'pertion inside

posted by harry k stammer

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Yale & Ord St. (H & S)

on to (s) the next "since it's only" one road S singing "pilgrims on the road, pilgrims walking on" over H's back rounded stumpy shouldered leg augmented over and over rubbing "someone's joy in it" rested say effectively treated

and forgotten living cemetery frozen as remember is true in death H thinking "what is my phone number?" S stopped discharged eyes broken June clouds "person quality" gagging between pregnant women deprive cared failed flap(ed) under dumped on sidewalk

"(s) to only" following of "since it's" pilgrims one to sing road S "in the road, on" walking pilgrims on H's stumpy has supported the pushed foot rounded joy repeated rubbing increased "someone's in it" rested word treated efficiently cemetery alive forgotten congealed it remembers is true in death H that thinks "what is my number?" the telephone S stopped quality "broken the eyes unloaded" person June clouds to gag between pregnant women deprives flap(ed) failed imported under house below in sidewalk

posted by harry k stammer

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Yale & Ord St. (H & S)

says valid slumps stomach in over knees knowing it's one vein or another first: say 'pure' least crystal (county men's central) warmed can memorie(s) meiosis daughter/son division as trees S thinks months from Austin now it's Yale what prevents

'you' efflorescence(ing) "removing image language..." from moral write it messed but legs gutter mire wet shoes hydrant idea (ideas) "you said saves 'they' whether not lost'd" limitlessly bordered 'floresence' tagged boundary (s) H rubs his let over & over

inside says the valid knees excess stomach slumps that they know the vein it's one or one another first one: word 'pure' little warm division meiosis daughter/son of memorie(s) can crystal (central county men's) as trees S now thinks of months Austin it's Yale what it hinders 'you' efflorescence(ing) "removing" language image... moral it writes messed but "you wet idea hydrant low shoes aims gutter feet (ideas) said conserve 'they' if not lost'd" 'floresence' limitlessly limited labelled limit (s) H rubs his left on & on

posted by harry k stammer

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Yale & Ord St. (H & S)

H awake (into S's back) nor worshipped plastic sweat and other people being forget(got) en eyes scan shipments out of deliveries hands floor sliding looking complexions search fingers "can't get to agitated, not in this occurrence, over &

over" dreams hope blankets plastic into shroud marine layer "nothing standing there" S singing continual(s) where yet it at effigy (s) disabled Yale is empty at 5am "trapped in trapped, trapped in" fingers intertwined 'feel that ring?' whether either

plastic [wakeup] (in S's it has supported) nor adored H sweated and other peoples who are shipments sweepings eyes forget(got) are wooden floor hands deliveries slides looking at the fingers "can't search complexions start the agitated one, not this occurrence, excess & over" the dreams wait the plastic blankets sea layer skirt that "nothing there" erect continual(s) sing S however in effigy incapacitated Yale (s) he is empty 5am "trapped in, in" arrested (arrest) fingers intertwined 'feel that ring?' if any one

(arrest) fingers

    intertwined 'feel that

ring?' if

   any one blankets

sea layer

   skirt that "nothing

there" erect

   continual(s) sing S

however deliveries

slides looking at

    the fingers

"can't search complexions

start the

plastic [wakeup] (in

   S's it

has supported) nor

adored H

sweated and other

posted by harry k stammer

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Yale & Ord St. (H & S)

opened up across Superior court laugh straight face(d) lunch time crowding drama bubble amounting to "who suffers, what amounts" open from the top sun pouring in "you can shit here anywhere, ya know?" drawn restricted by silent (ence)

chose (en) minded left mis 'ceive little wording (s) neck stretched out up caught up bet it (ing mind) whether gone S says "at last alone" think before act break it one finger two left as a "blue" back

opened above through the straight time lunch face(d) superior laugh cut agglomerating the bubble drama that reaches "who it suffers, that amounts" opens superior sun spills in "you it can shit here in any place, know?" ya restricted drawn for quiet (ence) it chose (en) occupied mis left 'ceive little throat wording (s) strained for it appositive caught ascendant it (mind ing) if S says "last alone" at thinks before rupture act left finger two as one "blue" back part

posted by harry k stammer

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Yale & Ord St. (H & S)

near the "other" library H gets up "Evans' Tremolo" say "I'm all blue" (s) stretching back hang pile "You can shit anywhere around here, right?" S says/asks one caplet whether as 'exhibit' absorbed inflamed spots around later evening hold

tight face again gripping "oh, something essential nor" useful (ness) sitting together block wall watching one cups'a tool that large gray/white bird breading sidewalk (as into holes) halting speech "they used a little dog for the piñata"

close to "other" library H arises "Evans' Tremolo" word "I'm all blue" (s) straining stops backwards "You it stack falling can shit around in any place here, right?" caplet S says/asks one as 'exhibit' absorbed points inflamed around delayed hold more the night pressed face arrests another time "oh, something nor" essential the useful seat (ness) obstructs together the wall that gives attention to a tool of cups'a "they stopping breading speech sidewalk great bird gray/white (as in punctures) used a small dog for piñata"