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Bunker Hill (copper hat hell)

to T's head hair brown hat wrung shirt laid out to day "father isn't here, out there" squeezed dripping (ed) "and now, is it tension?" escorted from sidewalk to car car to holding [area to cell to holding area] released

valve shut chained closed "come sir" blood drops fifteen inches 12 inches 2 feet "Sir! Come On" hands pockets eyes rolling (street sidewalk opposite) "This way Sir!" towels shoes feet walking (DWP truck stopped) "SIR THIS WAY!" pant arms ears

co ercive con (troll) that is hearing stopped not released "pull your arms behind," up stairs left about'd at seventh floor landing treated at threat'ng reach back glottis backed 'omit 'utilation 'ttack covering hand de 'sona 'eal 'tion personal

affecting (ing) covering 'esthesia colored warm 'candescent sweating agitate (ion) pull off the alloy t read aloud "place layout constraint fruit doing form conclude'd agitate compulse'd say injury mechanism see" soothed 'd implying device as "Sir Come!" 'phoria repute 'tions

to the main brown hair of T's the hat wrung the placed shirt is when "father isn't day here, for is there" "and squeezing dripping (ed) now, is it tension?" escorted sidewalk car to arrest [area to stack to arrest set free area ] valve closed sir "closed chained of" come the blood leaves to fall fifteen counts 12 counts 2 feet "Sir! It comes On" hands pockets eyes that roll (sidewalk opposing street) the Sir! way This the towels pave SIR walking feet (motionless truck DWP) "THIS WAY!" pant sets ears con ercive co (troll) that "pull is not set free stopped hearing its arms behind," the ascending stairs had left about'd in the seventh landing wooden floor treated reach stop backwards 'omit supported glottis 'utilation 'ttack covering 'eal hand of 'sona 'tion threat'ng personal affecting covering 'esthesia (ing) to sweat warm colorful that of 'candescent agitates (ion) pulls league T outside read high fruit constraint disposal "place that conclude'd makes form agitates see" mechanism wound word compulse'd 'd soothed it implies the device as "Sir Come!" 'tions of 'phoria reputes