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China town away from (quagmire ’d)


spent over on new High St. J changes clothes again on spent over again high J changes new St. clothes left on Ord right on Yale back challenged work through ten habits habits on Ord left back Yale right work ten challenged through J's springing into action (ing) chases R across the street "mine isn't yours where mine isn't yours, asshole" to speak't spring action across street J's into (ing) chases R the "isn't mine yours isn't where yours asshole, mine" speak't to one form blends into another not geometry not absence grammar'd J says yelling "point with your other finger mother fucker" cars drive by buses drive 747 turning on its landing approach sky's layered street butts against J stands walls blends another geometry not one form absence not yelling "your mother point with finger other" grammar'd by drive fucker by drive busses turning its on 747 walls landing street butts J against sky layered stands


spent on in new high clothes changes of St. J another time in new clothes St. high changes you spend excess another time J left right of Ord work stops backwards blunt Yale with ten habits left back work ten right Ord Yale defied with J's jumps in persecutions R action (ing) through "mine isn't street it's where the mine isn't its, asshole" action spring of speak't through the street J's in (ing) pursues R the mine "isn't its isn't where it's asshole, mine" speak't mixtures form in one another absence grammar'd J geometry does not say to cry out "point with its another one fucker" mother finger cars drive for movement 747 buses turns butts dived sky's street approach landing meeting to mixtures walls stands J one geometry not an absence form not cry out the point mother "your with other" finger grammar'd for fucker movement bus movement turns its 747 walls that fill earth butts J street meeting to the sky dived stands against sky stands layered it