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Van Nuys/Victory - 2

-the bus winds winding up Lankershim past Universal past Barham over the hills and into West Hollywood E weeps and walks singing "gotta get back, back gotta get to Cahuenga" crazy bug flying at -lights formation jet clouds pink and blue October dropping things dropping other things E sits and naps: the pain the lower right/left neck to shoulder pencils dancing dancing to Cole Porter drop it drop -bang klang crash splat splat bang ding dong crash splat E hears it the dropping the bus stopping the wheels popping eyes see smell it patterns dialectical conflict methane fumes as crash like splat as bang -crash klang bang splat band ding crash crash bang dong E still hears "it" dropping bus stop while wheels turning eyes popping smells see "it" still not changing not change "ya, can't wiggle into synthesis" portrayed as


the bus rolls the rolling up above of Lankershim after Universal after the Barham on mounts and in Hollywood occidental person and weeps and walks wild flight of the error to sing "started to start stops backwards, started it stops backwards starting the Cahuenga" in clouds of the spurt of the formation of the rose lights and the things leaving to fall blue of October that leave to fall others things and sit down and naps: pain the throat lowest of right/left to push the pencils that dance dancing to the drop of porter of Glue the drop splat and of the electric noise of dong of ding of the boom of splat of splat of the electric noise of klang of the boom it hears it to leave to fall the bus that for the wheels the land the eyes for seeing I smell that dong shaped emanations dialectical of methane of the conflict as the electric noise as splat as the boom and of the boom of the electric noise of the electric noise of ding of the band of splat of the boom of klang of the electric noise it still hears "--" the jamb of bus leaving to fall when the wheels that they turn the eyes that "ya wiggle while it still turns it" not to change not it "change portrayed cannot wiggle in the synthesis" as it as