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Cahuenga III


individual leading in to an ethic of love "of love in me and me" E bites her middle finger left hand curled around arthritis little finger says to middle finger "respect me, others of otherness-ing" don't

provide frame when works insist Kant on ethical people problems don't mean youthem "oh love ethic" singing under plastic/ nylon sheets turn it over subjective singular plural-ity difference movement(o) "oh god help me" this aching aes-the-tic

solar attacks solace attacking "G wants hot cocoa" continuous recording forward to a destination a passing by of stores on Temple movement advance implementing 'modern' spread over elevation causing vertigo E says "projecting myself-self to you to-you you"

"my love ethic" dancing dance around me as around portable toilets naked E lusts-a a-power a-pole a fragment(o) thought(s) turning ignoring "love ethic is mine" asserting the bus forward without methane or diesel nor "the ethic of love"


individual leading inside to the a-ethical of the love "of the love in me and me" and E bites her left hand of the wary average finger around the arthritis that little finger says "to don't" of the otherness-Ing-Ing

of the average finger "respects me, another one" supplies the frame when the works insist Kant on it youthemyou ethical of the "ethics of the way it don't them problems the peoples of the love, oh" that they sing under the return

of plastic nylon of levies the excess that movement(o) subjective singular of the "god of the difference of plural-ity oh me aided" this aching aes-the-tic continuous writing of attacked of the hot cocoa of solace solar of attacks "G wants" onward to a destination a ticket close to the store

in executing advanced of the movement of Temple 'modern' the exceeding rise of the propagation that cause(s) the vertigo and says "to project myself-myself-self to it a-you you" of the "dances dancing my ethics of the love" around me as around

the undressed a-polar region of the a-power of lusts-a-ssuming of the portable toilets and one thought(s) of fragment(o) that it turns the ignorance of the one "of ethics love is mine" that affirms the onward busing without methane or diesel nor "the ethics of the love"