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6th and Spring - late summer

August rolls nights of sleeping easier that days Of walking E on her side eyes open under Tarp Held up by a grocery basket No footsteps 3am

broken finger nails no hand cream bottles foot cream stacked as walks "don't" some say the interpretation isn't telepathic on Grand on based on structure on based broken hand cream no finger nails bottles as walls stacked foot cream "don't" interpretation isn't the some say telepathic based on on on Grand structure hand cream broken on based no as walls bottles finger nails stacked interpretation isn't "don't" foot cream the based on telepathic some say

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6th and Spring - summer again

the air in spirit appears disappears stupidity abounds and with one handed commands a transportation person in uniform & white gloves waves waves waves "What Cheer!" P whistles and the pigeons continue feeding on bread nothing new here here the heat has dropped a pan over L.A. a lid to some 'thunder lightening' no in the present some are working some are at peace some louder screeching above this weather that "Stop the Buses!" stop the cars 'YARE' bring it down stop it! P pulls off his pants and waits much cooler breezes the pigeons don't care and the boxers are plaid "FALL!" you daughter of an insolent a drowned art a shell breaking down in a leaky row boat (not a packet boat) morality rears up and the officer's waving begins the rites of summer of dogs dead in Pasadena the cat hung and disemboweled by a serialist: don't focus don't swallow don't look don't sniff the air don't reach out don't wipe your ass don't spend a quarter don't die not yet stop the water running stop the burning stop the perished vegetables waiting alone to be thrown out does the sky reflect the nature of human intelligence would you use a cloud as a comparison or metaphor or simile to decide if P is insane sans pants or sane in plaid? the words can be simple "like tiny raindrops or mist from the tubing over the entrance" the tubing the drops the water contain a message P knows it drops water tubing and whistling yes a pirate's sea chantey a devil in the grass clothes water tubing drops the hand waves the traffic stops the heat rises the sails swell the aerial display is spent

posted by harry k stammer

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6th and Spring - late spring early summer

so... understanding in the... so the... taught like "uh, oh" thought and learning tight like another 'in' disposition with longing up the line of words, P & E now are feeding the pigeons one wears glasses lots of cotton jacket tennis shoes 'not an end point' (telos) and then just then E says "ordering ordering ordering I mean I mean no no no it's not not a a a significant significant" half a sandwich bottled water another bottle flattened the brooms brush away the ground the cement 'define it exclude all of it's past post-its on the wall little pictures of action rape murder blood swollen eyes broken fingers deep cuts across limbs usually razor cuts shit all over the floor the hole was missed think of it in terms of goals meta-goal meta-fuck meta (physics)' if you are then present write the remaining sentences but speak them into a... fuck principles & being 'get your culture and nature in order' E sits down looking at the street so...

posted by harry k stammer

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6th and Spring - spring

H often watches its shoes changing again to the bread and the doves that they feed five people to pass the warehouses opened in loudspeakers of the earpieces of the radios of the means the any electronic all electronic H often watch their shoes a store of the in the supplements out of service contracted great cables of the corner of the writings of the convention of the paper clip of the equipment of the food of the equipment of the film of the cars of Sprite of the tail of cocaine of Pepsi of the water and lights CHP of the equipment another passage of five people: H at night died yesterday in later of the accident of car finished a car parked in 80 miles per hour in the shoulder moments before the young adult of thought of the adolescent of the childhood of Lankershim Blvd. somewhere in that frame of the cells of brain of the time was parenting interrupted or a joined genetic tendency with abuse H of the mine of the methampheta one often watches its shoes bus to stop each to sometimes begin three of the minute simultaneously of the day for a end of the day for another one or all the part of a day mixed with the purses of the clothes for the sale "that this one is time it stopped in the edge of granularity " this one is the x-ray that defies before or after that H often watches its shoes on a meticulous period ten through the day that is every simultaneously last identical time emerges the meaning from shoes before H considers the shoes not more not ahead but also excluded/included last by temporary order, exhaustingly before "taken complexity of the competition" it is just that... a series of passages to traverse

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6th and Spring - late winter

H watches his shoes many times switching back to the Bread & pigeons feeding five people pass the open stores On Spring radios stereos headphones speakers any electronic All electronics H looks at his shoes many times a sandwich Shop on the corner water Pepsi Coca Cola Sprite large trucks And equipment lights cables contracted off duty CHP film Crew food crew clipboard convention scripts extras another Five people pass: H died last night in a car accident rear Ended a parked car at 80 miles an hour on the shoulder just Before Lankershim Blvd. thinking childhood teenager young Adult somewhere in that frame of time brain cells were Disrupted parenting or a genetic tendency coupled with methampheta Mine abuse H watches his shoes many times the buses stop Every minute sometimes three at a time beginning of the day For one end of the day for another or all part of the a day mingled With bags of clothes for sale "this is time stopped on the edge Of a granularity?" this is the x-ray that defies before or after H watches his shoes many times over a ten minute period Throughout the day each time it's identical to the last time the Meaning of shoes emerge before H sees the shoes not Not later but later also excluded/included by temporal Order, exhaustingly before "fuck the contest" complexity Is just that... a series of footsteps through

posted by harry k stammer


6th and Spring - winter

let go of the details, the formality sum mer and bath review for a continuation it's red with hearts brown for blood dried on purpose the body odor vomit

ticks fleas cat litter up then without structuring with 'here' the thickness recedes minor waves enormous ly balanced syntax some sizes shoes some type feet a usage

a region: singing 'requiem' to rejoicing to moaning not mourning, foot tapping left/right left/right right/right/left/right right/left/left/right relent less the mouthing of words heard

passing by words and ringing ticks fleas utter it once or twice or spell it again over more more again over once backed into details again stretched smaller words

posted by harry k stammer


6th and Spring - fall again

winter hasn't finally going to arrive standing on the corner by the check cashing place 90 degrees smoke in the sky winter isn't not finally happening as some wish as wishing is suspended and dependent "we look at the conditionally" remember respect and arrest shrug the shoulders and shiver as the advance "causing distress" the river heading east on spring is dry someone writing about D three flights up stood up and money for meth? 12 flights up to the roof looking out is this the case of experience the 'ing' on the end of nothing that's less & more itself of itself-ing inattentive occupied but lost in faculty? H notices a reflection a guitar a shadow a mirrored image on the inside glass the showcase the absolute dissolve limited by sunlight filter-ing around

posted by harry k stammer


6th and Spring - Fall

Derrida stood up after breakfast and fainted � keep escape assist calf loss: sloppy ways in feeding anyone above five the crusty end is buttered up 'you' help yourself toit to it. Wayne Shorter blew it out the tiller the rudder functions like this. Can only hear the tags moving around the body of each myth focused into a dozen stories nails arcane fitted nose something water water water soap � oration broadened out flat "say, do you want to write something together?" you know noisy southern Mexico study clothes purple without the viewing before burial the yellow washed walls the darkdark room below the alter 6x6 footfoot wooden planks. H says, "next we we will bring the the bricks in in, the fences are are done the foundation is is poured." Poured into a tea cup earl gray after 10 minutes (too long) emptied into the sink a full cup of rancid teatea (too long)

posted by harry k stammer


6th and Spring - summer

From Devonshire division bussed to Van Nuys From guilty to county from county to New shoes don't fit walking fast favor Ing the left arm swinging wildly

Tuna sandwiches center Measured from the knee eating Napkins paper Plates spring rolls buzzing around Two ears No nostrils eyelids

The temperature of the surface reflect Ing back into the windshield filtered Water dripping again through to be Routed Bakersfield to Mojave

Eighty people along one stretch of fence parking lot one Plastic out house for all no one using "it smells like Shit" pull up your pants wrap the plastic bag in another (After a quick hand wipe)

Winter then subject Watching a smile start end One eye Focused above the right ear Spring sets the Table knife

posted by harry k stammer

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9th and Olympic - somehow


Somehow exploring the "I" Somehow exploring the pain of "I" Somehow exploring the moments be Fore and af Ter the pain of "I"

Somehow W gets up standing Stumbling falling standing stumb Ling falling: once pictured as a Blossom described in a poem Where love is compared No, a meta Phor for an opening heart

Doorknob doorjamb door Way somehow W has enter Ed his room. Finger on the wall Lightly rubbing away a silver fish Thinking what "I" This "I" this rubbed Eye is mine?

There is a picture above the Bed Of a pitcher of "pain" wait Ing To be poured out into The Hole in W's head W waits W "I"

posted by harry k stammer